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Hey, I've just released an updated version of my first game.

Selfies as a cultural phenomenon deserve to be mocked intensely. "Selfie Kings" attempts to do just that. It is a text game about getting the juiciest life-and-death selfies and not dying in the process. Have fun and share it with your friends especially if they're fond of taking pictures of themselves. But above all: please, please, please let me know whether you like it or not!

Here is what the game looks like (yes, it's a text game indeed):

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Thanks for taking the time. Well, it's your channel, you're free to do what you want. To me having a video which shows a bunch of text is bizarre.

thank you

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Hey, thank you for playing! Sure, do that. Can you share the link afterwards?

cool stuff! love the music, too

Thank you so much!

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Hey everyone, 

I've released my first game, Selfie Kings. It's a, hopefully, funny browser text game about people risking their lives for juicy life-and-death selfies. It's about shit people do for that one photo they can share on social media.

I'm on the lookout for as much feedback as I can get. Would really appreciate if you take it for a spin (shouldn't take more than 1 hour). You can find the game here:

If you do take it for a spin, please reach out: I'd love to hear what you have to say, even if you hate it!

Thank you!