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Hi, may I know what is the license of this model. Just bought this asset but I couldn't find the license anywhere. Is it safe to assume I can use this commercially in my game?

strongly agree on letting people play test your game. No matter how perfect you think your game is, they will always find bugs in your game in a way you did not expect. But that is only doable for week long jam.

For me, it is don't be afraid to make messy codes (in my case is spagetthi blueprint as I'm using Unreal) as long as it works. Then polish it if you want to take this project further.

This was confusing at first even with the tutorial. But once you get the hang of it it is pretty simple. Just find the correct binder with the correct page and connect all together. But it gets tedious fast having to open multiple binders.

I hope there are some mechanics that makes me feel like an investigator instead of just connecting the sequence. But the game is pretty polished.

This game is really addicting. Most game jam games I just played for a few minutes to get the feel and the core game loop. But this got me really hooked, and I spent like 30 minutes on this. I hope that your team continue developing it for a full release.

Cool concept, but I received quite a few blank messages, maybe add a system that filter out blank messages. I think this fits the theme as it connects the community in a way. 

This is a great idea, I should add an ending which allows the player to drive away, then you get a bad ending.

It takes the Theme literally where you literally connect the plug to a socket. There are some puzzle elements to it but not too hard. It seems that all models in this game are custom made which is impressive. (correct me if I'm wrong)

Also  in the menu, I like that you can slightly move the camera with your mouse position.

One criticism is that sometimes the walls are blocking the camera. Maybe can be further improved by adding camera collision with the wall and make it transparent when it is blocking the view.

Thanks for playing, the sneaking mechanic doesn't do anything. My original plan was to incorporate footsteps sound and the guy will turn around towards you if you make too much noise. But it was too much of a hassle to program so I decided to scrap all of it.

I forgot to reset the state of the game once you complete the game and do a 2nd playthrough so all your inventory items are still there. I'm planning to fix this after the voting period is over.

Thanks again for the long and detailed comments.

Wow, the artstyle in this game is the best! A little polish on the UI and you have a fully working MVP for a full game.

This game is fun! Controls should be in the game, I was confused as to why the platforming in this game was so hard until I read the game page. Maybe you can reduce the collision of the spikes to be smaller, sometimes the player collides with the spike even if it is still far away.

I love the art style and sound design in this game. My only nitpick is that I hope that clicking the next button can skip the typewriter effect instead of going to the next dialogue.

Hi Boundless, thank you for the great commentary of my game. I'm glad that you include your complaints and nitpicks , which gives me an idea on what I should fix and improve.

I just found out about the flashlight issue and it is very annoying. It is clipping with the wall and causes it to flicker if you walk thru the doorway.

Also, I wasn't expecting anyone to close every door behind him. The guy covered in blood is suppose to appear behind the door and whistle the birthday song.  And at the end of the song he was suppose to close the door and shut you in.

When you restart the game from the main menu, I forgot to restart the state of the game, so on 2nd play though you already triggered the guy to disappear and have the flashlight in your inventory.

Really appreciate the encouraging words at the end. Seeing other people playing my own games really motivates me to continue creating games.

Hi, thanks for playing! RE7 is one of my favorite game, I'm flattered that my game reminded you of it. 

There is no fail safe in this game, but if you enter its line of sight, there would be a special dialogue of "Papa". I see a lot of players just bump into him or shine the flashlight onto him but nothing happens and just move on. I should have added a collision trigger instead of just a line of sight to trigger the dialogue.

The flashlight clipping on doorframe creeped me out too, although it was unintended. I'm still trying to find a way to fix it.

Thanks again for the detailed comments!

Awesome visual! I got cheated by the tornado, thought that I could ride up and fly. But still got the jet pack to fly

Thanks for playing. I can't take credit for most of the stuff as I used many pre-made assets, which allows me to focus on the game design aspect. Credits to them in my game's description.

Thanks for playing. Headbobbing sometimes is a hit or miss. Some love it for the immersion some hate it as it is dizzying.

Cute little game. I can see this doing very well as it fits the theme and the game feels very polished

Great start to a metroidvania style game. I hope there is "coyote timer". The player falls off the platform too quickly.

As many others had said, the hand drawn style looks really good. Not sure if the cars are suppose to be an obstacle or not, but I keep shooting thru the cars. Would make the game more challenging if there are bullet counts, obstacles that block the gunfire and contract or enemies that move around.

I'm glad that you played my game. I hate cheap jump scare as much as you do. But the fear of not knowing what is going to happen scare the heck out of me. Making a horror game is hard as I already know all that is going to happen, so I might sometimes misjudge the scariness of my own game. 

Hi, the game is made using Unreal Engine, so my guess is it requires DirectX11 or 12 for it to work.

Direct approach on the theme "Connection". the graphic is simple but I like how you add the zoom and chromatic aberration effect in the game.

I like the visuals of this game. Movement is a little slow, hope that I can move faster.


"Daughter" is a short horror game about you as a dad trying to rescuing your daughter from a creepy house.

Your daughter went to a sleepover birthday party at her friend's house, what could go wrong?

Daughter is a submission to the Lost Relic Games Game Jam 2022 and was made in a week. The theme is "connection" and I'm going for a more abstract route about the connection between the father and the daughter.

Your comments and feedbacks are very much appreciated as I might be updating this game after the Jam.

Hey, thank you for your time. I will check out yours too. It looks interesting.

Thanks for you interest in playing my game. I can assure you that there are no cheap "in your face" jump scare.

This is pretty good implementation of the theme. Took me a while to know that the controls of you and your enemies are connected. 

Thank you for your time to play my short horror game. The "brightness or cheer" tip is really good. Now that I think about some of the horror games that I played, they do have some breathing room for the player, like the save room in Resident Evil or the clock hitting 6am in FNAF.

Thanks for playing. I agree that the game was too short and the story ended abruptly. You are right! My original plan was to include Claire and Ann in the story with good and bad ending, but I have to cut short for the game jam deadline. So now I just leave the ending up to interpretation of the player.

Super polished game. Fit the theme of the game jam well.

Thanks for your time and here's my game,

I was expecting meme game, didn't expect feel game. The mechanic is simple but the story is engaging enough to keep me going till the end. Hopefully your game will help those who are suffering from some similar hardships.

This game looks aesthetically pleasing. I can see it being a fun party game if your team choose to continue developing it. It can be confusing at time even with the mini tutorial text on the side.

Love the color palette and art direction!

Pretty gruesome for a cute game. The game feel in this game is perfect!

Super simple and fun. I love the mechanics that not every wall that the spirit can go thru and only the human form is able pass.

Hi Shiro K, thanks for playing. I appreciate your positive feedbacks and comments at the end of your video.

Hi, thanks for the bug report. I have added invisible walls around the outdoor map to prevent players from falling down.

Super chill game!