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Mike Le Watt

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Better physics than Half Life 2. I would pay jew money for this.

I like the art. Gameplay is smooth. Reminds me of old Diablo.

I'm liking the art and style. Love how the new visible tiles spawn, very sexy. Also having sound effects in a classic style dungeon crawler adds so much. Liking the music as well. 9/10 would spend jewmoney on.

I'm really digging the neo 80s retro feel. Art is really well done. Nice music. Backed the KS. Good luck.

As you say, in terms of 'narrative', having to face monsters you run away from- at the end, as if by 'returning' to those rooms makes sense. However from a balance point of view shuffling them into the rest if the deck seems like a better option. I've done this in my own version as it's easier to code, heh. Also I prefer the risk/reward of running away a from a Donsol, not knowing that it might crop up in the next room anyway - but hopefully with a new shield!

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Saw the article this morning. Congratulations.


Thank you for the awesomely detailed response and insight. I find the concept fascinating, so that Scoundrel PDF is right up my alley! I hope you don't mind, but I would love to work on my own variation of Donsol/Scoundrel, as I'm currently teaching myself how to gamedev, perhaps with more of a puzzle spin.

But right now, I can't glue myself of Donsol to be productive. Love the look and design of the thing as well. Keep up the great work and stay safe on your travels.


Created a new topic Inspiration?

Hi, just wanted to say that i've been obsessed with your game for the last couple of days. It is perfect. I was just wondering about the inspiration behind it. As the game can be played with a physical deck of cards, is it based on a 'real' game concept you/John already knew of? Or is it something completely new you have made up?

Hey Thanks!