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ohh, thanks a lot for the help! I look forward to playing this

This game looks reallly interesting and the trailer hooked me in! But umm, I have a problem.The download link seems to give me something other than the game soo uhh, how to solve this?


Okay,thank you!

I am glad you enjoyed hahaha.

Ohh,I didn't notice it got updated with sound. Should I play that version instead. I enjoyed making my own music so it's alright heheh

Hello there! I discovered your game a while ago and it seemed interesting so I gave it a try. It's pretty well made and funny even though it has no sound. Speaking of no sound,I made a let's play trying to sing the character's dialogue and maaaaaybe, just maybe, you'd like to check it out. I am cringing that I actually sang all the way through(almost) and sometimes there are parts that get cut off but I hope you enjoy. Great job with the game and thank you for making it!

I just started playing this game and it's promising! I absolutely love the art,especially the CGs and I love that the main character seems to have a pretty strong and likeable personality and the LIs as well! At first glance Alkar is probably my favorite but we'll see. I look forward to playing it more. 

Here's a let's play I did for the game. I was a bit embarassed since it was my first time on camera but I wanted to convey my reactions and thoughts on this game as well as possible. Thank you for making this game, and for making it free at that. I have one question though. When you update the game with another chapter do we continue from where we left off? Or do we have to redownload and replay the game again? 

Thank you for loving my let's play! Never enough fruits ahaha.

I just started playing it today and I really liked it. It's a nice change of page. Fruit boys? Who would've thought xD. Great job with the game. I love the CGs with their real face. The boys were so cute they caught me off guard. I also did a let's play of the game^^ 

If you wanna check it out here it is:

I am glad it's not too late ^^ Thank you for liking my voice!

Oho, I am looking forward to updates on your new project. I will keep an eye out.

Hello I just wanted to say that I love your game and its art is gorgeous and the way the characters move charm me and I keep staring at them. The mystery and + 18 content is a nice plus. Great job with this game! I hope to see more from you.

I am kinda late to the party and Aromie's let's play is already awesome but I am gonna try my luck out and say that I did a let's play of the game too ^^ I hope you check it out, thanks a lot for letting me experience this game!

I am really loving your game! I am surprised it has partial voice acting and the premise it's pretty interesting. I am looking forward to how it'll play out. I even did a let's play for it. You can check it out here:

Thanks a lot for letting me experience this game!