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Roborun 3D IS COMING

Are you ready to feel the horror again?

I recommend you to play The House before playing The House AI (Demo)


Hi! Thanks for asking :) I think Itch doesn't have like that kind of mechanism. Of course I hope so, but maybe, maybe not. But don't worry! I will do some sales on the new updates.

When the update 1.9 comes, I would recommend to play from chapter 1. It added a lot of new things and a chapter 2 storyline.

It's confirmed! Update 1.9 will be out next month!


Is this a Horror FPS Kit asset? Also the game looks really good! keep it up!

I noticed that too... but I think it's cool?

Another gameplay:

:) <3

NOTE! Chapter 1 and assets are from Horror FPS Kit by ThunderWire Games

The House avaible for Win!

Tomorrow is the day... Chapter Two is gonna be free for Windows!!!

jees :)

It's out now!! Go play it :)

Thank you for feedback and nice. :)

Thank you for feedback and nice. :)

Good Idea :)

I'll think about that :)


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Hey @kay76! I'm actually releasing chapter 2 in december so the thing is that in Windows, it costs 1,00$ and on Mac, its free so are you excited???


Yes, it is a glitch. Unfortunately I don't know how to fix it bc I can't find the script but anyway, the next thing to do is that there is a golden goblet on the shelf, click the button inside the goblet and then it opens the shelf. And as always, figure the rest by yourself.  and if you get stuck somewhere, again, ask me in the comments. -Miikunen1234

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Hi! Thank you for your feedback! No, the game doesn't end there. It actually has 3 jumpscares. So the way how you get forward is that, you need to go to the room, where there are some barrels and a vent. Open the vent and click "C". Then the vent leads you to the other room. Collect the key and power up the electricity. Then the door disappears so you have to go through the vent again. Then open the locked door and figure the rest by yourself. But thank you I appreciate your feedback, and if you get stuck somewhere, ask me in the comments. -Miikunen1234

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