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What a great game, great gameplay, great sound, great visuals, good job!

Good to know, and congratulations!

What a cool idea! I love reimagining of older titles like this.

This seems like a concept that could easily be polished into a successful mobile game! Have you considered it?

There are a few suggestions I'd like to propose:

I agree with the comments about the restart feeling too long, specially when there is a bit of luck in the road layout at the start, if this took half a second, maybe the feeling of unfairness when getting a bad road would be minimized.

I would also consider roads without random elements, I think being able to retry the same road could allow you to pump the difficulty even higher.

This is a minor gripe but, I feel like the walk time between the start of the level and the duck getting to the road could be bigger, sometimes I felt like I died before even having the time to mentally process all the obstacles I would need to take into account. Another solution to this could be the duck starting still and only begin to walk after a button press.

That being said, these issues did not spoil my enjoyment and I think this has a lot of potential as a full release. 


Fun game and mechanic, I wish it was pushed even further on how fast it could get.
I mostly enjoy the level design, but I would maybe use fewer obstacles that make you wait for a window to pass through, since missing a window can be very devastating.

Bonus points for great presentation on all fronts, including high score screens and transitions.

Having the background of the itch page frame fit in so well with the game was a very neat detail!

Thank you for such a nice comment!
I'm glad you enjoy the movement, I had a lot of fun doing it, and I know it still has room for improvement, specially with some coyote time for wall jump and normal jump, and maybe faster wall slides.
There was actually another level with that enemy that we accidentally removed and only realized after the jam ended :(
I guess it will be DLC now  xD

Thank you for your comment!
Yup it was an oversight on my end to not implement coyote time. Thanks for pointing it out, I will be sure to not renegade it in any future platformer projects.

Nice game!

The presentation and music are great, and the gameplay feel good too!

I did think that the spikes in the final level were a bit unfair, tho, since you had to figure out the correct way to fall there through trial and error.

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Same problem here :(

I'm also struggling to get past that level, but I was enjoying the level design  quite a lot up until that point

Short and sweet!
This genre is way off my comfort zone, but I'm glad I saw it through!
My favorite part is how the music shifts when important creepy details are revealed.

Hi, interesting concept here!

I like minimalist graphics, and the dynamic lighting really helps sell the look. I think maybe some Post Processing could have taken it to a next level.
The gameplay is solid, but I sometimes felt frustrated by getting shot by turrets that haven't yet appeared on the screen. 

For me, the game is at its best when dealing with multiple waves of projectiles and having to be strategic about my mouse placement.
If I could tweak one thing about the game, I would make it restart instantly on death. Personally, I get pretty frustrated by long game over screens when I'm eager to try again.
Good job!

Thank you for your comment!
It's true that a lot of unique level mechanics could have been developed further, I'd love to release more levels eventually!
Your trail suggestion is quite good as well, and I can imagine it helping with the jumping over yourself levels as well. This was something we actually briefly discussed internally, but I was quite sure how to display it elegantly. In the end, I ended up using lines only for when selecting a past clone. If I get to work on this further, something like that is sure to be at the top of the to-do list!

I did try that, but my timing sense is also quite poor xD

Even tho it's short, I'd love to see this idea fleshed into a larger game, maybe with more survival elements where you need to keep moving to avoid the boss and the battle would take course over days.
Good job!

It's a good start! I can see you are experimenting, this particular video is super helpful for platformer games and very easy to implement. Keep on jamming

Okay, it was my bad, I did not figure out that mechanic. If I tried to grab a box in the real, not recorded world, I would be unable to let go.
Huge fan of the concept and execution here, the later, timing based levels we're giving me a lot of trouble, even trying to move along to the beat of the soundtrack the door shutting hitbox felt a bit large.

Super creative concept! I loved the bullet sound effect too, and music in general.

I hope that on the sequel I finally get to play out that boss battle where I get to turn my mom into a baby.

Hi! What a cool concept! The art style is great and details like the squash and stretch take it to a next level. I also really enjoyed how you handled jumping right next to a step and taking you right to the top.

Unfortunately, I can seem to get past the level where the bigger recording area is introduced, the recording seems to stop working for me. The grab mechanic also leaves me stuck.

I'd love to see the rest of the game if possible! Great work!

Thank you so much! All your criticism feels super on point. Coding the clones was also a challenge, and sometimes our course correction mechanisms result in some glitchy behavior, perhaps this fueled the need for using more slowdown time?
The platforms in the boss were in fact a bit rushed, some player managed to beat the whole boss from the ground floor too xD
I am also missing the coyote time, which is a big oversight in retrospective.
Once again, thank you for some top tier feedback.

I still really enjoyed it, do you have some secret coding tips for those physics? They felt so consistent without seeming clunky at all!

Great art, kick ass soundtrack and fun concept! Very polished too! Congrats!

Interesting concept! If I could make a suggestion I think it would be cool to have some puzzles using the time speed up as well. Maybe to get launched of in the distance by a fast moving platform

I love the switching effect. Very large world too. Congratulations!

Nice game! I respect the choice to use such a limited color palette. Good work on the unwinding music too.

The visuals are very unique! I do wish it was a little easier or faster to restart a level.

PS: If I click through the initial dialogue very fast the game doesn't load

Great enemy variety!

What nice game! Super polished all the way through! I wish it was possible to switch blocks with the numbers on the keyboard as well as the scroll wheel

Really nice and cohesive art direction. The physics felt very nice too. My only criticism is that I sometimes made a mistake and was stuck in a chain reaction towards certain death xD

Hi Ethan! I'm a games student trying to assemble a team for the jam! We've got 3 programmers and 2 artists, but are lacking in music and SFX. My tag on discord is Miguel Seabra#6961, if you're interested or just want to know more about me and the team hit me up!
We are all Portuguese which means we're  on the GMT+1 time zone

Thanks for the comment! You definitely have a point about getting chaotic XP
Might have gotten carried way with spawning more and more projectiles.
Glad you liked it!

Thanks! To be fair we really didn't have the time to play and rate many games, so we probably didn't get a lot of exposition.
Really glad you liked our game!

Thank you a lot!

Thank you! We were trying to keep accessible but to still keep some motivation for the player.

Thanks! Never thought I would be working on one either xP

Thanks! I will

Thank you soo much for playing my game! I'll make sure to share you're video as well! The room you stayed in is a bit confusing, I apologize about that. If you're still stuck I'll give you a hint. You have to wait for a while until the light gets tired. Once that happens you can absorve the light to gain a new ability. It's that ability that you need to use to destroy the orange crystal and open the way out. Once you have the ability to shoot you can hold the button to control the projectile.

We are starting from a prototype built for a game design course with myself, Ricardo Oliveira, Andre Santos and Antoine Pontallier. 

We are starting the code from scratch using the prototype as a guideline. Furthermore, we are re-imagining a lot of the features and adding new ones as well. All while striving for an overall tighter and more polished feel.

Prototype trailer: <lt-highlighter contenteditable="false"><lt-div spellcheck="false" class="lt-highlighter__wrapper" style="width: 0px !important; height: 0px !important; transform: none !important; transform-origin: 0px 0px !important; zoom: 1 !important; margin-top: 3.6px !important; margin-left: 109.219px !important;"><lt-div class="lt-highlighter__scrollElement" style="top: 0px !important; left: 0px !important;"></lt-div></lt-div></lt-highlighter>

Feel free to hop in our discord to try the game out with us:

Our just try the prototype yourself:

Previous design doc:

Our concept was to build an online multiplayer rogue-lite. Four players would enter a match and go through enemy filled rooms on their own. However, players could run into each other and alter each other's runs. Sometimes other players would be a saving grace, others they would be doom. Further on there are several challenge types players could be thrown into. There would be co-op, PVP and even game show inspired scenarios with players having to play a game of deceit to decide between sharing, stealing or fighting for rewards. Every challenge rewards the player with an upgrade. The game ends after a player manages to go through 11 consecutive rooms without dying in the process.

We are rethinking the setting and aesthetic of the game. We would like to lean into the game show aesthetic having crowds looking down on the action and cheering/booing to the action, have the levels to have various advertisements, and so on. And an overall more cartoony and inviting look. But we are withholding any definitive  decision on this topic until we have artists associated with the project.

We have decided to re-invent some aspects from the prototype, namely

-combat system, with different weapons and play styles.

-Improved enemy AI, with more aggressive behaviors and a focus on keeping the player moving at all times.

We are also going to add new features to the game:

-Final fight rooms, when a player is about to win the game we plan on granting him extra upgrades and having all the other players fight against a boss version of the leading players. Granting them one chance to stop the game from ending.

-Consumable items, that would be found throughout the rooms as they progress consisting of ranged attacks, like throwing daggers and spells.

-New challenge types for players to compete in, we want to have as much variety as possible in the types of challenges provided. We plan on mixing up the objective of rooms to achieve this. There could be rooms focusing on killing enemies faster than your opponent our controlling a spot of the battlefield.

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"Champions of the Void" (name in progress).  It's a continuation from a project developed in a  game design course we are now continuing  for a  game design methodology course. The team has changed a bit since the last course. We plan on starting from scratch using the previous game as inspiration and reimagining the game with a bigger scope, new features and a tighter feel.

We are four Computer Science and Engineering students specializing  in game development. There are four of us: Carlos Marques, Francisco "EGGSplosion" Santos, Miguel Seabra, Ricardo "Paranomix" Oliveira.