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Migratory Bird

A member registered Jul 27, 2017

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It can't run in full screen

Where is the fourth torn photo?

The atmosphere of the game is good. Unfortunately, the environment is too dark to see anything, even the face at the end of the game.

Unfortunately, it does not work on WINDOWS

I've played a lot of independent games. I have seen beautiful flowers. I have never seen such a beautiful flower as you. I have recorded the video and uploaded it to YOU TU BE

Good, it makes my hair stand on end. Can't the game end? Because I can't pass it.

The last door could not find the password. I only saw two numbers (2, 5). But the door has four digits. I don't know where the other two numbers are.

The design of the game environment is very good. If you can add some intimidation, you may get better results

Unfortunately, it can't run on the computer.

Why not use any interaction and movement? Is this just a demonstration?

Hasn't the game been completed yet? Or is there no end?

Hasn't the game been completed yet? Or is there no end?