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What, there's no theme for this? Well, I'm gonna take the title of this jam and turn that into a theme for myself and for whoever wants to follow, especially if you can't think of anything to make! Make your game chill, whether that means it's relaxing or cold!

Best of luck, and happy holidays!

Thank you! It was really hard thinking of an idea for this, since it's so limited (evidenced by Fredstoyva having a similar game). Want a more advanced version of mine? Play his. xD I find that really funny.

Highscore: 44 points!

I love this game! It's a similar idea to mine, but you made it even more difficult, which I love. I couldn't think of how to make mine complex enough to make it difficult, and it took me a while to figure out how to aim properly, but this was incredibly well done. The music is awesome too, though I think it makes it just a bit harder to focus.

Great job, though!

I haven't gotten a piece of spam mail in a very, very long time... Anyone know a way to increase your chances of getting spam mail? I've grown interested since watching James Veitch on Youtube. He answers Spam Mail all the time.

Thank you!

Well - you buy more dashes at the shop every third wave.

So simple, which is why I love it! It's only of those games you can mindlessly play.

The bullet doesn't go to the cursor half the time... That's the only thing to dislike.

I love this, just because of how realistic, tedious, annoying, and nostalgic it is. xD Fantastic.

I watched the stream while this was taking place, so I was excited to play this! It was really difficult at first, but I'm really having fun with it!

"a person who does good, saves people, and or is admired or idealized for courage or outstanding achievements."

I just thought a police would fit under that.

If I simply mention the police in my game and have police sirens in my game, without actually having them show up, would that be against the limitation?