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not everyone is into beastiality

was that an accident? 

that was really cool. found 3 endings so far. not sure if there's any more.

just saw this is being published by devolver. congrats! this game was fun as hell and I can't wait to get it on steam!

it's cool but you just spam the same button over and over with no control over which move gets used

hey that was pretty good but the music transitions were awkward

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damn this is really good for the most part. however the monster design kind of blows. after introducing the monster, it seems to hover around at all times. the mystery of it disappears quickly and it's never scary, just an annoyance. there's got to be more mystery like in Alien Isolation.. the alien goes away for long periods but you still have to be careful because it could pop out at any time.

at one point the monster just wouldn't let me proceed at all so I felt forced to play with the no-monster option on.

luckily this game has enough atmosphere and creepy face things to still potentially be good with the no-monster option enabled.

bug: I died to radiation during a blood sample and my FOV was permanently zoomed in. made the game unplayable.

don't know what the controls are. I read the typewriter paper but then it just stuck there and I couldn't put the paper back down.

really well done. definitely worth the price for any survival horror fan

pretty decent. you need a big brain for this game. I like that the game has a note book built in so I don't have to tab out and use notepad. However, I really do not like the font used for in game text. It looks atrocious. Surely there's a better font that could have been used and a smaller size font as well

good one. I like

I didn't make it very far into the game. Frame rates was between 30-50 and there's tons of motion blur. It makes me nauseous 

make 200 bit :)

ok cool.

great game!

I have a question though. The tutorial mission wants me to make 600 jelly. Do I need to actually build 50+ jelly storage cells to have 600 storage at once or is it just 600 jelly accumulated over the course of the game?

thanks!!! anything by deconstructeam is coom worthy!

this shit is a banger. have to buy it on steam just to have it there too.

game is actually pretty good but it needs more sound effects (smashing fences makes no sound, etc). probably needs multiplayer and a steam launch too because it's kind of boring alone.

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this game is based and red pilled

bruh did you really not think about reloading the gun lmao

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you're tripping homie. Are you using chrome to download?

make sure you download the .exe file for this game called "NoPlayersOnline v2.0.exe" and ignore the other 2 files

then double click the file once the download is complete and it will start. A purple casette tape thing will appear on you screen. Click it and this game will begin..

Well that was quick. I redownloaded the game and was able to start back exactly where I left off at the light switch and am currently continuing from there.

ok cool. I'll check back after some time!

really neat but every time I pick a disc it's launching a separate game and I have to deal with security/permission pop ups from my AV. Also the second game goes on for too long walking under the ocean, it's a snooze.

damn I missed quite a bit on that first stairs too. Made the mistake of looking back immediately and was not able to get back in the door.

I turned on electricity with the fuses and the game crashed and opened up the steam page lol

deport the skrols

wow nice. sprinting and an insanity meter. game seems smoother and looks even better than the original. cool!

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i've done the doors puzzle 6 or 7 times now and not sure if i'm supposed to keep doing it repeatedly or if i'm supposed to fail everytime on purpose. the character is actually too slow to get to the light on time if you're not standing near it.

i don't really have a reason to continue because there's almost no exposition of any form or it's too abstract to comprehend. 

so i've given up 

you mad man. thanks for putting on gog. I can't believe this was made by 1 person. can't wait to see what you do with AAA funds if that is what you pursue.

:soyface: can't wait! ez wishlist and I'll spread the word where I can

very fun game. the music is a bit dramatic though lol

I don't normally like this kind of game but this was really fun

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this is neat but the control scheme is too much work. It completely killed immersion for me. Dragging is fine until my mouse cursor shoots up because I moved the mouse back into position, then I have to recenter it unless I want to stare at the sky. I think I'll just watch a playthrough instead.

cannot get the cigarette pack because the enemy you're supposed to jump on to get over the spikes won't go through the small gap there. cannot proceed any further in the game.

got stuck here as well. explored the whole map and nowhere to go. I think you're supposed to use the enemy there as a jump pad to get over but he isn't coming through the gap.