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Midori Diamond

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I'm really happy you enjoyed it 💚

thank you I'm really happy you liked it

I agree there really should be something after you get it, I just wasn't sure what 

and I hope to be able to bring you happiness with them

as for the art, I removed them because I wasn't happy with them anymore but if you have them you're free to use them in any way you want uncredited 

thank you I'm happy you liked it

also, I wanted it to be a slow-paced game that anyone could enjoy

thank you

I agree it really is missing a lot of sounds but I'm not good at making them and I can't afford to pay people to make them for me

and thank you I'm happy you like it

Thank you I'm happy you liked it

And if I work on the game anymore I'll see about increasing it

ok thank you

whats the licenses on them

You have to cut the image up

you're welcome 😉

Thank you 💚

And do you have discord i don't want to clutter there comments

thank you 💚

Godot is the best

i used them amazing work

i used them amazing work

thank you

Hello do you have a discord ❤️

on discord

Um I messaged you and you never replied


ok and your welcome

Hello I'd love to help you with this

You can find some of my art here

And you can contact with email or discord @veNext#7909

i wish you the best of luck ☺️

hello I'm a pixel artists looking for work I hope to be a part of some amazing games and meet some amazing people 

Here you can find some of my art I'm all ways open to new styles

Payment with paypal price will depend on the sprite I usely charge around 5$ USD per animation

You can contact me on here 


Or most preferred discord veNext#7909

Hello I made this I'm unsure if it will fit in to your game or not

I'll pass I do hope you get a lot of people to join this is for a really good cause

(1 edit)

unfortunately no