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Wannibe Manisha

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I love it! Great work!!

Thank you so much! I wish I had time to make more levels haha ^.^

Thank you!! :)

Thank you!! ^.^

Thank you so much!

Thank you! :)

Thank you!! :D

Thank you so much!

Thank you!!

Thank you! Mmmm I havent eaten a donut in so long T.T haha

Thanks Billy :D


Thank you!! ^.^

I love it! The art is beautiful and the game has such a chill, humorous vibe. I checked out your other games too. Great work!!

Haha that was funny! Nice originality!

Hey howd you know my name! *nervous laughter* XD That was a super cool game, very immersive! 

That's really cool! I like the world you created. It feels realistic yet magical with the colours you used. Very impressive!!

Yea I agree, I think scheduling would be a good way to go about it! Hopefully I can get this devlog out soon ^.^

Thank you so much! :)

Thanks! I enjoyed yours!

Of course I remember you! Thank you for playing and the nice words :) Im really struggling to manage my time with game dev, youtube and life haha teach me your ways!

So cute!!! I enjoyed playing that, great game! Only small suggestion is maybe let the user press a key to restart instead of going back to the mouse to click. Great work :)

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Hey there! So I didn't do movement as efficiently as I could. I just multiplied a vector by the direction that the user inputs. If they make a valid move, then let all the police move one step on their given route. Definitely should have gone for a snappier solution. About the theme - it was supposed to feel like you're playing both sides since your input affects both the robber and the police! A bit weak on the theme now that I think about it, oops XD Thank you for playing!

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Haha yea the theme seems a bit weak now that I think about it. It was supposed to feel like you're playing both sides because the cops move when you do! Thanks for playing :)

I had to slap this part together super quick to make the game feel complete haha Thanks for playing :)

Yea the theme is not as prominent as I had hoped -oops! It's only the fact that when you move, the police move. So it feels like you are playing both sides. Thanks for playing!

Solid entry! Puzzles were very creative! I got stuck on one of the levels but ill be back to beat it! :D

Nice work! Pretty hard haha

That was really creative well done!  I enjoyed playing it!

sure thing!

I really liked the vibe of this! Sure the controls and hit boxes need some work, but I see lots of potential in this game. I agree with another comment stating that there should be enemies in the mirror world and real world. That would be interesting!

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I loved it :) You just need to be patient with it you guys haha Very enjoyable, and great vibes! Level progression was nice. My heart melted a little when I saw him join the rest of him family, so cute!! Great work you two :D 

Ah such a feel good game!