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Should the callback URI point to my global game server which manages basically everything?
But how would the server know which client to trust judging by that API key it's given?

Or should the callback URI point back to the client?
Although this might be insecure as well.

I would like to know this, too.
This would be similar to microtransactions which would be amazing

I'm making a game at the moment, and it's big.
The problem is getting is started, which is unlikely  without a lot of marketing.

How less likely am I going to get users with the client than directly from the browser?
I'm asking this question because I am using Itch.io authentication with the app manifest.

Thank you, @Jupiter_Hadley!
Though I'm a bit sad that I didn't finish the game in time :P

Created a new topic On what are the games judged?

Are there going to be different ratings for audio, graphics, etc?

Can't anybody pass any user that has bought the game?
That's bypassing the check.


Using https://itch.io/api/1/jwt/me Itch gives me information about the player, however what would I give the server to authenticate the client?
And how would the server auth the player?

Created a new topic Comic Sans?

Must we use Comic Sans MS?

I am making a game in which the server has full control of the entire game.
This allows people to make their own multiplayer games very easily.
This game will also support Android.

Question, should this game be 2D or 3D?
Or should I make just 3D because people can fake 2D games using GUIs and other stuff?

I have been reading this page, which is a tutorial for the .itch.toml file.
I understand most of it however the Scoping part is too vague.

It says something about the "scope" parameter, however it never said what a parameter is.

And how am I supposed to debug my game with the manifest file?

If I want to upload a new version of a game, I would like people to have the option to download the old or new version, but not both.
Is this possible?

We could do an IRC chat on the onebuttonjam channel.


I can't believe that slipped my mind.

Hello, I'm creating a new game called Spaceful: https://midnightas.itch.io/spaceful
However, I've added a file and it's not shown on the page

What to do?