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I've seen leafo say in another thread that the game appears on the new games list the moment you first upload a file. Was that changed?

I would definitely like something that is more widely supported, both Stripe and Paypal don't work in Ukraine, and I'm not sure I can legally set my paypal address to a person I trust living elsewhere.

Mainly talking about the new games list, do demos count into those?

"V.canvas is null" on line 600 :(.


This actually would be great in getting more devs to use only.
There's no point in publishing to Steam and, as people already have Steam, they wouldn't care about the one.

Is this what we're doing now? Advertising on a post about advertising, even is it makes the "discussion" technically off-topic?

I played this with a friend of mine during school when he mispelled a game name, and I had fun!

Alright, thanks for the info.

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I heard devlogs are a good place to get attention going, but I don't know if the page needs to be public to publish any (devlogs). It most likely needs to.

Of course, now that I think about it, I don't think many people order by "New", so that's probably not a waste.

Good question; am interested in the answer, too.

Good point

Is arizona a free country?


Most likely some overflow exploits. I know Firefox used to have one until it was fixed.

Was there really a point to say that

That's strange, it should support Opengl 2

Try opening it from the command line and see what errors pops up

Such as a fading transition, it will blend colors and accidentally create more.

Nevermind, I've found this page:

But the API key is sent in the URL fragment, which isn't seen serverside, so how am I supposed to overcome that issue?

Wow, thank you so much for this

If you can figure out a way to prevent games from giving away loads of free money then alright

Using blockchains for currency is a horrible idea IMO

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Your own entire currency? Wouldn't simply USD count?

If you have an API key, you can check if the play purchased a game

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Me again, :|

The idea for stuff sort of like leaderboards, if the user's name changes, I'd like it to update on the leaderboard.

Maybe by creating a new API endpoint?
If practical, maybe it can also be extended to other user information?
This would be an amazing feature for multiplayer games that depend on's APIs.

This is currently not an issue for the game I am making, however it will be one for sure in the future, seeing as it's multiplayer.

Should the callback URI point to my global game server which manages basically everything?
But how would the server know which client to trust judging by that API key it's given?

Or should the callback URI point back to the client?
Although this might be insecure as well.

I would like to know this, too.
This would be similar to microtransactions which would be amazing

I'm making a game at the moment, and it's big.
The problem is getting is started, which is unlikely  without a lot of marketing.

How less likely am I going to get users with the client than directly from the browser?
I'm asking this question because I am using authentication with the app manifest.

Thank you, @Jupiter_Hadley!
Though I'm a bit sad that I didn't finish the game in time :P

Are there going to be different ratings for audio, graphics, etc?

Can't anybody pass any user that has bought the game?
That's bypassing the check.


Using Itch gives me information about the player, however what would I give the server to authenticate the client?
And how would the server auth the player?

Paint Jam 2017 community · Created a new topic Comic Sans?

Must we use Comic Sans MS?

I am making a game in which the server has full control of the entire game.
This allows people to make their own multiplayer games very easily.
This game will also support Android.

Question, should this game be 2D or 3D?
Or should I make just 3D because people can fake 2D games using GUIs and other stuff?