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once you unlock the vending machine clothes it sometimes feels pointless to go for as once your horny meter hits full your nude anyways.

I do love the game mechanics beat em up get horny and fuck em to dead and depending how full the bar will decide what pose she'll use

at first I only wanted to purchase this edition because like the other bundle it feels like it's the gallery that dont require pre-work to enjoy. But now it feels like either $8 for gallery or $4 for the game to play.

but ended up buying both because at first I bought the $4 edition only to realise later I actually wanted this one first xD

Game keeps you busy in a good way. like the freestyle although would love if it has the ultra mode to pound them.

Minor glitch not sure if it's because of the free-style or challange mode but whenever you decide to do one of the 2 your EXP resets so if you were lvl 10 or close to your whole progress resets and your back at lvl 1 without multipliers to make it slightly easier to make the girls climax.

The game itself is okayish provides some challange, it's just such a let down once you unlock the girls you only get to see their upper body, not the actual sex scene so hope you ever change the view to full view not just upper half.

for whats so far in the game it tends to be somewhat addictive, Especially if you keep bumping into the enemies. Slime is so far favorite animation do hope more poses and enemies get added. Keeping my eyes on this game ^^