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I liked it! Very solid gameplay/visuals, gj!

i'll for sure take a look xd! thanks 

Pretty simple and well executed! A music would be very nice, but overall i love it! 

Thanks xd

thanks <3

Omg, thanks xd. I'll for sure add more features after this jam, your comment means a lot to my process, thanks again! o/

This is great to read, thanks!!

I'm glad you liked it <3 thanks for your feedback


Commenting again to finally give ur feedback, lool. Cool idea, some consumable item or something like this would be pretty nice to restore the 10s. After this time, there's nothing to do :x. Anyways, cool game, nicejob!

Cool way to imagine the theme, nicejob o/

Insane is the word to describe this game . The only bad is point is the enemies, i barely can see them. Good work! o/

Cute visuals but pretty hard, some sfx would be awesome. Anyways, i liked it afterall!

When i extract doesn't come with the exe file for some reason

Pretty cute game, loved it!

Insteresting concept for the game, but man, 10seconds is taking SOOOO LONG lol GL xd! I would appreciate your feedback xd!

Thanks for your feedback xd!

Some agressive sfx, but actually fun to play xd

Great art, good music and sfx... Very polished, i've love playing it. pretty good job xd!

For some reason it's not working on my computer, sorry :x

Creative, sound would be perfect xd!

Thanks, after this jam i'm about to check the screen resolution and this may help to see some bullets, and... Yeah, will put an indicator too, i've received some feedbacks about it and i totally agree xd! Really loved your feedback <3 thanks!

I had no time to put the sounds on the enemies: x one of the things i pretend to implement after the jam time! But really appreciated your feedback! Thanks!

Interesting idea but hard to understand, a bigger timer would've be nice.

Really fun game!! Loved the cutscene, haha GL o/

Haha, thanks <3 

I've discover this hobby recentelly and i am loving creating games, means a lot that u like it! thanks <3

The score system broke at the last moment and i couldn't fix it fast :( sorry .  I felt the same about the fullscreen i'll take a look after the jam ends how to fix it.. Really appreciate your feedback <3 thanks!

The boss fight is awesome!!! Very creative and solid!!

Yeah, i should've warn when they come back hehe xd. Thanks for your feedback!

Fun to play, like it <3 

Really good game!!The sfx fits very well with the music and art style (by the way its pretty cute) Sometimes its a little hard to find the "way blocks" that appear after clearing the map, i've spend some time to understand that they are grounds to step on it. But, man i had a pretty good time playing it xd GL!!

simple but direct to the point. Really enjoyed to play through! GL xd

Just awesome, good visual effects and sounds. Really enjoyed the vibe, gl.

hard but very interesting idea! gl


Bem fofo ;3

I had some personal problems at the start and i lost 3-4 days off :x. Actually i wanted to implement this order system and give the ships more unique powers and stuffs, but i had no time to accomplish this objective... So i simplified my idea to meet to the deadline in time! This is my first jam at all and i didn't want to lose... But, thanks i really enjoyed your feedback and sorry for jumping the credits :(!

very solid and beautiful game, really a great job!