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I have never claimed to be kid friendly.

Pretty much a AA game. This is super high quality stuff and THERE'S SO MUCH TO DISCOVER. Here's my playlist (because Dave wanted me to post it) - Don't dig in unless you want spoilies! But 101% of the game's completion will be up by tomorrow.

Thanks for making this, man. You and Padre kicked ass working on this thing.

Oh dang! I'm glad you got everything figured out!

Not sure! Seems to be running fine on my end. Could be an issue with your save file in appdata or your PC's processing in general.

It's definitely something on your end. I just downloaded and unzipped it fine with WinRAR. Everything is there.

unzip rar files with winrar

I'm not sure! I haven't touched the project in a while and it was my first game. I wouldn't be surprised if a bug slipped through here and there. I'm sorry about that! What mode was it in?

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Upon a quick search online, that seems to be an error message caused by your hardware not supporting DX11 - UE4 switched from DX10 to DX11 in 2019. Both of these games use an updated version of Unreal as opposed to my older games using an earlier version. You could see if there's someway to update on your current system, but I'm not sure if you'd be able to.

Edit: Although I could be wrong! This may require new research, but it sounds like a driver update is necessary.

Well they're free right now until Nov 3rd, NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!!!!

I'm sorry! That's the only thing that I can think of possibly making this happen. Is there possibly another program on your PC that is shutting Boofie's Bunker down?

Not sure what the issue is. I'm unable to replicate it. It could possibly be a corrupted save data file? You could try going to "C:/Users/[YOU]/AppData/Local/" and deleting the "BoofiesBunker" folder. Just keep in mind, if you had any previous save data, this will delete it. I'd back it up in a different location before trying this. Just in case it doesn't work.

Hmmm. I'm not sure. It seems to be unzipping and running fine for me. I use WinRAR to unzip the .rar file.

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Is it giving you any sort of error message?

Edit: I re-installed the game and the current version seems to be running fine on my end. Only thing I can possibly think of is the save data file being corrupted. Let me know if it gives you an error message and I may be able to help further.

Whoops! Not sure how that bug when so long without being reported... Thanks! I'll get an update up to fix it tonight!

I removed the game about two months ago. See dev log.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game. :D

I cannot replicate this issue. Sounds like something to do with the game trying to access your save file and failing to. Possibly a corrupt save file. Maybe find where the save file is stored on your PC and delete it. This will reset all of your progress, but it should fix the issue with the game locking up on you.

Oh, I'm not discouraged at all! It's legit just a bad game. Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for bringing this up! I've actually completely despised this game even during the creation process. I cringe every time I see someone play it and overall it's my worst work. Currently I feel like it's been reflecting what I create and that's not cool! I never try to feature one certain fear in my games, and usually just go for shock value or randomness along with other things to really scare folks. I didn't spend enough time on the project during development and was just so ready to have it done and released that I didn't care to really put much effort into it in the end. SO! It's taken down for good. Not because of you, but just because I'm not proud of it at all and I'm way better than dP.T. - But yeah! Sorry about any issues I may have caused.

REAPER & Audacity

I don't add graphics settings into my shorter Patreon exclusive games. This is technically one of those, even though I threw it on Itchio & GameJOLT as a holiday treat. ;)

This guy gets it!

Hey, so I've been reposting all art of my games on my Twitter. If you have an @ on there, let me know and I can tag you over there. Just been giving you credit as "DarkMoon on itchio"

Nice! I love these lol. Very cool!

Found it. Fixed it. Update should be up soon. Thanks!

The menu that loads up when you start the game.

I saw them! They're very cool!

I absolutely love this. Like, a lot.

Meh. I'm not too worried about that, tbh

It's working fine for me. Konami Code but ENTER instead of START. Use arrow keys and the B / A keys. Don't hit anything else or it'll interrupt it. Must key it in on the HUB Menu. Also, make sure you click somewhere on the screen first so the window is actually active.

Hmm seems like an issue with your monitor’s resolution. I’ll see if I can figure out a way to work around unconventional resolutions when I get home from vacation. :)

ooooo very nice!

Very cool! I messaged you on the Twitter ;)

That's no glitch. Your crowbar broke. Look around for something else that can pry off the other plank. :P

I can definitely see the monotony. I have future plans to create more variations of rooms that way each playthrough will be different. Stay tuned!

Thank you! :D

Weird.... I'll look into it, but it seems like something to do with your PC not being able to render the minimap. Can't seem to replicate the issue.

Haha thanks xD

Sorry about that, dude. I can honestly say I regret releasing the game at v1.0 - I hope you still enjoyed the game, regardless.