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Chapter 3! It’s finally here! Thanks for emailing me about the release! The game ran pretty smoothly. The visuals were nice and everything ran better than the first two. There were a few hiccups, though. You’re able to walk past the police cars on the first level (possibly starting a wild goose chase around Springfield), Stairs are a little slow going up and down in the house level, it’s possible to fall off of the map causing you to have to force close the game to restart in the car level and one of the eggs were pretty stubborn in being collected in the final level. Otherwise, everything was great! I had a blast playing and was relieved that RNG wasn’t such a huge factor in this chapter.

The minimalism in this game’s design paired with playing as an agent instead of a D-class made for a really cool perspective on the SCP Foundation. Short and sweet and gets the point across. It almost felt like an interactable log of some sort.

aw man, that’s a bummer! I didn’t think to look around when going down the hallway.

This was awesome! I may be a bit biased because I've literally only had my Oculus for like 3 days now, but this had the perfect mix of audio engineering and visuals to build an amazing atmosphere. A few mechanics in the game were really clever, specifically the mirror segment. There was a good mix of sudden jump scare-ish sounds, puzzle, psychological horror and overall gameplay. I would absolutely love to see a longer version of this if you all plan on carrying on in any way with this project. If not, then I'll be following you for future projects. Wouldn't want to miss anything!

Thanks! Yeah, I figured it was because of the time crunch. No big deal. :D

This hit me right in the heartfeels. Another awesome game dude. Was a little frame-droppy, but nothing a little config.txt editing can’t fix!

When I downloaded this, I was not expecting to play what I played. This was very well made and full of content. I honestly thought it was going to be a short 5 minute experience, but I got completely immersed. Nice job! This made me want to go back and take a peek at your past projects!

Yay! Thank you!!

Gave the story my best shot! Well, you’ve seen it already so here’s the vid! Boop:

This game has a pretty intense atmosphere. It ran surprisingly smoothly on my PC, even with all of the particle effects. The story was pretty straightforward and the suspense was present throughout the whole game. This was very short, but really well done for what you have so far. The models and sound engineering is pretty solid. I know it’s incomplete, so I’ll definitely be looking forward to updates in the future! I can’t wait to see what comes next! Thanks so much for making this!

This is great! It was extremely well optimized and ran perfectly with all my bazillion programs that I have running while I record. Even the rain in Chapter 2 didn't lose frames! The shuffling of the buildings from the original version, easter egg by the coast and random item spawns was an awesome touch and left me wandering around FOREVER. One time in particular was when Scooby spawned at the coast and I couldn't find him to save my life because I thought I had already checked there. The game had that nice, nostalgic touch to it that wasn't necessarily horrifying, but just a bit spooky. It was more 'Trick-or-Treat' spooky than 'TheConjuring' spooky which is extremely rare to find nowadays in indie horror games. Every indie horror game out there wants to either be the hardest game in the world, or the most terrifying game in the world. This just captures the feeling that old Scooby Doo episodes used to give us. I had a blast playing this and can't wait for more projects from you, man! Thanks for making this and thanks for the early access!

This was great! The idea is super original and I can't believe there hasn't been a horror game created after one of these old creepy commercials from back in the day until now! The atmosphere is very dark. The visuals are pretty simple, but it sort of gives the player a false sense of comfort until you 'leave the path' and find out what is REALLY going on. The audio engineering is fantastic and really sets the tone for the entire game. I felt on edge the whole time playing and had no idea what to expect next. The story is solid. I'm pretty sure I found all of the notes, and they give just enough information to get involved in the game and know what is generally going on, but still leaves some plot holes. This is perfect for a multi-chapter game like you're building. I was pretty much blown away by how much was stuffed into this game. It was just left for the player to easter egg hunt it all up. Thanks so much for making this! I can't wait for future updates! Just gotta rub my wallet for good luck! :D

Sweet! I'll take a peek! Thanks again! :D

aw thank you! The video actually didn’t turn out too bad at all when it came to dropping frames. I can barely tell and it would only really hit during jump scares (and even then it’d just drop to like 50)

I’m glad you’re expanding! This is an awesome concept for a game and I can’t wait to see more!

This game was awesome. It was a full experience with a mixture of claustrophobia and anxiety. I felt very rushed to keep the generators running and very anxious to not lock myself in or out of anywhere in the meantime. The enemy model is fantastic and it gave me chills. The atmosphere was amazing. I was definitely on the edge of my seat, literally. The sound engineering and visuals were pretty good, even in the lowest settings. I played the updated version and it was still pretty difficult, which is awesome because I love a challenge. The only reason I played 1.1 is because the graphics are a little to tough on my PC. Lots of frame drops unless I play in lowest settings. The loud jump scare sound, which you said was a bug, I actually REALLY like it. It caught me off guard and scared me Hardcore, which doesn't happen very often. This was an awesome challenge game and very well done for the short period that you had to work on it. Thanks for making this!

This game is an amazing work of art! The visuals are great and really drive the idea home. The atmosphere transformation throughout the game is breathtaking and the sound engineering itself is awesome. It was a pretty real and intense experience that made me think a lot about the real world. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone reading but it escalated very quickly and that was the main charm behind this game. Thanks so much for making this!

Hi! :D Fancy seeing you here! (I think I mentioned in this video how this game reminded me a little of HAPPY WORLD as well)

This game is a wild ride. I was getting hardcore Potato Thriller vibes from the very beginning. The atmosphere had that goofy, yet suspenseful feel to it that puts the player in a weird place between thinking it's satire and thinking something horrible is about to happen. The jump scares and loud noises definitely caught me off guard the few times that they happened, and the entire game as a whole had a disorienting mix of sound engineering. The visuals were solid, I really like your style of modeling and the atmosphere definitely all matched up and mixed well. The game made me rage. Hard. It took me a while to get through the second test, but it was SO rewarding once it was finally over. I'm all about platformers that are seemingly impossible. I think this game is the perfect mix of satire,  horror and rage wrapped up in a big disorienting bundle of loud noises. I love it! Thanks so much for making this!

I'm very excited that you're rebooting this! I saw this demo in the past and completely forgot about it. I remember playing through it vaguely but losing the footage so I never uploaded the video. Anywho, the audio engineering and overall sound in the game is phenomenal. You're 100% immersed from the start of this game. The whole experience is super unnerving and the sounds alone make you feel like there is always something standing right behind you. The visuals were pretty solid. I can definitely tell that this is the original teaser though. By looking at the screenshots, the remake looks amazing. I seriously can't wait to play it when you release it! Thanks so much for making this!

This game was amazing. The art and animation throughout the entire game was extremely visually pleasing. The audio engineering was brilliant (although I was copyright claimed by a song near the end, it's totally fine though). I didn't realize that I could turn up mic sensitivity until I started editing the video, so get ready for lots of screaming from my face hole! The concept and mechanics were super unique and I rarely ever see a game that uses microphone integration in its gameplay. Very great job on this one! Thanks so much for making it!

This is a gem. The whole experience is extremely immersive, even on slower parts of the game. It isn't too difficult or too easy, but just perfect. The game itself isn't repetitive at all and definitely keeps the mind busy. The sound engineering is VERY unique and matches up with the visuals perfectly. The game ran super smoothly and it looked really nice. I am absolutely in love with low-poly visuals in horror games. I played your P.T. remake in the past, but I'm pretty sure that was the only title that I've played by you. I'm thrilled to have experienced one of your original creations! This is definitely a work of art. Thanks so much for making this! (sorry I'm so late to the party)

Chapter Two was a HUGE improvement in a lot of things in comparison to the first chapter. That being said, it was also WAY more forgiving and a lot less difficult. The mechanics were similar, which is pretty solid. The visuals were just as great! They were nice and nostalgic as always. Sound engineering was just as great as the first chapter. I absolutely love the GameGrumps / Oneyplays references. The game ran way more smooth in this chapter and was a lot less glitchy. The flashlight and crouch mechanic to avoid Marge was pretty cool! Although, near the end I found that it was more productive to just run around her and avoid her patrol. Dealing with Maggie's RNG was a lot easier in this chapter, as well as Bart's randomness since you're able to gain a lot more distance on Lisa. I think the main factor in this chapter being a lot easier is the fact that it isn't nearly as cramped as chapter one. Sorry, I ranted for a while there. Thanks so much for updating this! I look forward to your future games!

This is definitely one of my favorites so far out of the games that you’ve made. The physics rage genre + slasher survival horror is just genius. Tank controls were a VERY nice touch and I’m pretty glad that you added an easy mode so everyone can experience the full game. That being said, this game almost made me pull my hair out! The Bad Ending was pretty easy to find (along with the Easter Egg) but the good ending took me AGES to achieve. I’m not sure if it’s just because I had the game open for a while or not, but the enemies seemed to patrol around one area through my entire session. Also, as I’m sure you already know, it’s pretty easy to fall into the wall and get stuck there for a while. This was definitely a nightmare to get through, but it was super worth it in the end and it gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. Thanks so much for making this!

This was a short and simple game! It was definitely a nice, chill getaway from the difficult challenge games that I play most of the time. The music matched up with the game really well and reminded me a bit of the Wii shop music. I got stuck on a puzzle at one point and felt totally stupid when I finally figured it out! I had a blast playing this and would love to see the game extended or maybe some procedurally generated levels added. A level creator would be a pretty awesome addition as well! There are just so many different ideas that could be packed into a game like this to make it an actual full sized game. It has a lot of promise. Thanks for making this!

This was a heck of a challenge! It took me about two hours to complete this masterpiece and I had a blast doing so! PhuCat originally told me about this game and I'm a sucker for challenges like this one. I heard you were planning on making it a tad easier once the jam was over, and I don't think you should! It has that perfect difficulty that takes a lot of effort and focus to complete. That paired with the awesome soundtrack, secrets and clever gameplay make this a super unique experience. If anything, maybe you could add difficulty settings? That way you can preserve the original difficulty while still making the end possible to achieve for everyone. Speaking of secrets, I think I may have found one when the mouse didn't spawn at the start of the game? Not sure, but it was AWESOME. Anywho, I LOVED this game and had a blast playing it. Thanks so much for making this!

This is a phenomenal tribute to CxK. The office is outstanding and VERY accurate to his studio! The character models are amazing and super unique! The game itself ran very smoothly and didn't have any glitches, that I noticed. I absolutely loved the pseudo-gameplay you had going on in this one. The mini-game was pretty reminiscent of the FNAF mini-games and seemed to have a lot of secrets hidden in it! I definitely enjoyed how you tied the gameplay together between inside and outside of 'the game' - also, the game was pretty difficult at first until I figured out that the flashlight charges itself as you go in and out of the game. I'm not sure if that was intentional or a bug, but it worked! I think you're onto something amazing here. VERY nice job, and at a young age too! You're super skilled at what you do. Never stop. Thanks so much for making this amazing work of art!

I only got one of the endings, but I feel like I definitely got my fill of this game, in a good way! The message behind this game was solid and really made me think about things from my past and choices that I've made. The main character reminds me a lot of how I used to be and the whole situation really sheds a light on the concept of inner demons. I absolutely love how you took that idea and ran with it. The atmosphere was absolutely stunning. Scenery changes really caught me off guard and I didn't know what to think or even what to expect next. Thanks so much for making this!

This game was pretty solid! There were some performance issues but I'm STILL unsure whether it was my PC or just the game's optimization. It just got super frame-skippy near the middle of the gameplay. The mechanics and puzzle solving was awesome and didn't distract too much from the atmosphere. I didn't have to linger too long on anything. The jump scares were perfect. They weren't over the top like a lot of horror games these days. Overall, it really felt nostalgic. It had that 'classic' feel that a lot of older indie horror games had back in the day (back in the day meaning like 4-5 years ago xD) - I really enjoyed this experience! Thanks so much for making this!

Gonna start this review off by saying that I TOTALLY thought it was a parody, like, the entire time I was playing it. I guess I should start reading descriptions on download pages! Anywho, the atmosphere was pretty spooky and the jump scares definitely got me! It definitely gave off P.T. and Amnesia vibes, thought I'm sure you get that a lot. It would've been cool if there were more branch-offs like the bathroom event. It sort of felt lacking a bit on secrets and side-content. Otherwise it was great! The endings were pretty solid and summed up the idea of the game pretty well! Thanks for making this!

This game was extremely difficult and took a long time to complete! It’s an awesome parody and I love how you used models from existing Simpsons games. That really hit home with nostalgia. Making this game third person was an awesome touch and it really made it a lot more difficult to control. It sort of simulated a rag-doll effect. The jump scares were insane and got me just about every time near the beginning. Your addition of cut scenes to tell a story was really clever as well! Atmosphere was simple, but still spooky. Audio queues were pretty solid except I had no idea where Lisa’s sound was supposed to come from. There were a few glitches or bugs (not sure if intentional) that made it way harder to complete. Bart spawns in multiple places at once including sometimes on top of you, Marge can detect you through walls & sometimes through floors when you’re directly underneath her. The flashlight was also blocked out pretty often by objects, making everything pitch black at times, but learning how to move the camera helped a lot with that. I loved this! I loved the difficulty! Thanks so much for making it!

This game was a huge bundle of atmosphere. Immediately, the player is urged to immerse themselves into the game. The visuals are gold. It felt like I was walking around in a work of art at a museum. The whole premise of the game was extremely clever and I love how it is made to look like a real psyche evaluation. I definitely enjoyed this game. Thanks so much for making it!

Ah, we're back again! This game is just as well done as the original. I saw very few differences though, and there are still controller bugs. I've already messaged you about them but most mechanics aren't working when using a crontrollier, ie: the 'reverse' portion of the game. It'd be awesome to add an alternative 'punishment' mechanic for those who find the controller input loophole to these games. Otherwise, everything was great! I love the story, as always. The atmosphere is a fantastic combination of jump scares, amazing audio engineering and retro platformer goodness! Thanks for remastering this! It was definitely fun and I did WAY better than I did the first time!

This is a phenomenal game. I've been seeing a lot of reviews and feedback saying that it isn't as well done as the originals or it doesn't follow the creepypasta, etc. I see what you've made here. It is an awesome storytelling experience about how the main character is affected by the game itself. I didn't quite understand at first, but once I read the pasta, it was all super clear. The atmosphere was VERY well done. I absolutely loved the audio engineering and the visuals. The point-and-click mechanics were very unique and I didn't expect a game like this to be such an immersive experience. The jump scares got me just about every time, since there is such a large time gap between each one. I personally feel like this game is definitely worth the price that you put out there, even if it is mostly wandering around (it took me almost 2 hours to beat). The juicy bits are totally worth hunting for. Thanks so much for making this!

"The Maw"

A Set of glowing teeth that randomly spawns around the map and shifts position every once in a while. If you see it glowing on the wall, don't try to walk past it or it'll devour you and it'll either spit you out at a random spot in the map, a secret area, or end the run (whatever you feel like would be best for the game design). You cannot sprint by it, but you can wait it out. The flashlight has no effect on it. 

The point of this Nightmare would be to block players who have a specific path memorized to win the game. Sort of throwing a random road block in the way causing people to either stop and wait, risking death via another Nightmare, or finding an alternate path. I hope you like this idea! I'm sure I can brainstorm many more! I love making random monsters with random mechanics!


This was very difficult! I played it with the classic NES controller you sent and it made the entire experience super nostalgic. The audio engineering and visuals were spot on and really pushed the atmosphere to the next level. I love how you implemented Easter eggs from your previous games in some of the rooms. Most of the difficulty came from the RNG of PeePaw possibly spawning on top of the player, insta-killing them. Otherwise, the game was pretty consistent. It was pretty spooky and some parts were a little funny to me as well. You have a completely unique style of indie game dev, nice job! Thanks so much for making this!

This game was extremely unique in the fact that it was more or less a meta horror game mixed with a sports game. I'm absolutely in love with the low-poly visuals mixed with the VHS effect of this. The sound engineering was great and the game ran pretty smooth as well. It definitely seemed pretty innocent for a while there, and really made me want to go out and play mini-golf! This game is art. Thank you so much for making this! Can't wait to see more from you!

This game is so much more fun than it looks. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is going through an enormous amount of stress or anyone who needs a break from anything at all. I've been playing a lot of challenge games and I've been extremely busy recently, but playing this really took a load off. I had a blast and enjoyed just messing around and pretending that I'm a shark! There are so many different things to do in this game and I feel like I barely scratched the surface. I know everyone says it, but it's totally GTA but you're a shark. The music was perfect and had me practically dancing the entire playthrough. The visuals were nice and simple. Anywho, thanks so much for making this and HAPPY SHARK WEEK EVERYONE! Well, almost shark week.

This game had an awesome atmosphere. The visuals were great and the gameplay was solid. The game itself was very well optimized and ran pretty smooth! Everything from the sound engineering to the story was spot on and left me wanting more. My only complaint was how short the game was. There is definitely room for a sequel or spin-off, maybe even a prequel to add onto the game itself. The game was very well done! Thanks so much for making this!

So this game hit the pc pretty hard. No matter how low I turned down the settings, it still lagged a bit. If it weren't for recording on the same system, I'm sure it would've been fine. Anywho! The game had a pretty terrifying atmosphere and I could definitely sense some Silent Hill inspiration here. I loved Sugar and really wished that he had played a bigger role in the gameplay. I definitely enjoyed the experience and it was a nice, short getaway from more difficult stresser games that I've been playing recently. Thanks so much for making this!