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It's a reference to the Skyrim intro ;)

I love those kind of games. This entry takes the 2D world and make it into a perspective discovering game. This was honestly pretty cool! It was sure tricky to solve the moving platform level, but with some thinking, I managed to complete the game!

It's also really cool that you managed what I would assume is a shader that shows only the intersections of the visible models in a week while doing the rest! It's probably not done by only changing the camera clipping planes to like 1 and 1.0001f, else the inside of the objects would not render.

I also found some extra platforms at the final level that go upward (by using the rotation feature.) Could climb to the top, but I have absolutely no idea if there's a hidden easter egg there.

Apart from that, awesome entry! Nice work!

If you've got some spare time, come try and rate mine! It's a fun multiple endings type of game!

A platformer + rhythm game at the same time? A bird character that is also a music instrument itself? You already sold me.

It's really fun! But it's wayyyy to hard! Especially once you reach the last level. Either I concentrate on the platforms and die from lack of sweet music, or I play the song (which I would have preferred if the numbers displayed would have been the corresponding keyboard letters instead) and run out of time. 

Also, maybe 8 notes is a bit overkill for 5 fingers (-1 because of the thumb on the spacebar, so 4.) I think 4 or 5 playable notes would have been perfect.

Apart from that, the rhythm part of it is well synced up! Great job!! And congrats on submitting it less than 5 minutes before the deadline!

If you've got some spare time, come try and rate my entry! It has 7 different endings you can find, a hilarious narrator and... another bird character!

What an interesting concept! I really like that idea! Too bad there are some bugs that can mess up your runs. Like the others, my guy fell through the line when in a steep hill and I could select more than one box. I also noticed that as the game went on longer and longer, I felt like it started to get slower and slower (in terms of performances.) Maybe that's a potential issue for the rigid body of the character?

Apart from that, you should try to polish it and add some sounds! Congrats on submitting this great concept of an entry less than 3 minutes before the deadline!

If you've got some spare time, come try and rate mine! It has 7 different endings and a hilarious narrator (that actually speaks!) Worth checking out!

I will be commenting on the fixed build, but rating on the broken one since the fixed one wasn't submitted on time.

Great little game! First rhythm game I see here! Those reverse arrows are not messing around!

Though, there is one game breaking bug: you can just hold the arrow key down. Once the arrow touches the pink bar, it gets destroyed. Even more broken: Hold all arrow keys down at the same time. Congrats, you won the entire game by doing absolutely nothing.

I already know that the game uses Input.GetKey("whatever") to detect the arrow keys. You should have used Input.GetKeyDown("whatever") to only get the press and not the hold. Unless this was intended (which doesn't feel like it.)

I know I said rhythm game, but the actual notes were not all on beat with the music, which makes the fun of playing music less apparent. Also, music is good, but some can get a bit annoying to the ear (especially that square wave at the second half of the final level, which I immediately recognized the original song ;) )

Apart from that, I liked it! Good job! Too bad the fix came in too late to submit for the jam.

If you've got some spare time, come try and rate mine! It has 7 endings, a hilarious narrator, worth checking out!

Great entry! Probably one of the best non pixel art character animations I've seen in this jam! My only real big complaint is the jump. Sometimes it jumps, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes the double jump doesn't work... It's seemingly random. 

Though, from what I saw looking through the comments section, you figured out the fix, but it was just a little too late to fix it. No worries, stuff happens. I'm sure you're not alone (it definitely happened to me in the past XD)

Apart from that jump issue (that stopped me from completing the game,) awesome work! Very curious on what other projects you will create!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Just tried your game out and going to rate it right now (and comment about it in your entry's comments!)

Because of college and the fact that I have a big game to make there (with 3 other team members), I don't really have the time to teach properly. Though, I can write a wall of text here if you want. ;)

What I can say is that my dialogue system needed to do much more than just display text. The big thing with mine is that I used two arrays (one of strings, one of AudioClips) to display the text and play the voice lines in sync. I then read if the audio clip ended and if the text finished displaying to start the next lines.

I have 3 types of dialogue: When the level is loaded, when the player dies for the first time and an array of miscellaneous lines (those can be triggered by ID from different scripts.)

For the events that happen during the dialogue (like enabling player controls, stopping the music and changing where the doors lead) I used the UnityEvent system. That let's me do events like the ones you can create for buttons, but custom and with complete control on when they trigger.

Again, they are stored in different arrays: One when the level is loaded, one when the player dies for the first time and one for each extra dialogue in the miscellaneous lines array. The events trigger depending on which line is currently playing.

I confirm that this is not at all optimized, but achieving a system like this that let's me do levels (relatively) super easily in 2 days is a huge step for me (especially knowing that I never played with UnityEvents and delegate events before!)

I've recorded all 7 days of the jam my process on making this game. I plan to release a video on that at one point on my YouTube channel! Hopefully soon, but no promises because... erm... college.

Merci d'avoir joué! Heureux d'entendre que vous l'avez aimé! Ceci était mon premier game jam, donc je suis très content du résultat!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! It was my first game jam, so I'm very happy of how my entry turned out!

I've got some other games of my own on my GameJolt page (@mickyelloow) if you can't wait! (Instrucdoors spoiler) That bird in the "maze" level is the logo of one of them  (and it's in heavy development right now!) (end of spoiler)

Good little entry! Even though the game doesn't follow the rule about using only assets you've created during the jam (obvious Minecraft related assets used), I still like what you've done! I like some of the things you've put in the final rooms! Especially some of the computer screens... and THE MEMZ!

Some little bugs here and there (e.g. I could claw something on the other side of the cake room hole and I managed to fall in infinite void) but nothing too major. Good job!

Good little entry! The music and typing sounds were a bit repetitive, but I liked the mini games! Didn't expect (🥁) to see a censored bad word in, but I liked the mini-games!

I also now understand why the thumbnail has a baby in it. Congrats!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! I rarely do pixel art, but I'm happy of how it turned out for the jam!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

I'll play and rate your game ASAP! I'm not here only to make a game, but to rate as many other entries as possible as well!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! I didn't want to bother with different screen resolutions, sizes and aspect ratios. I could have made it possible to change the size of the window without changing the aspect ratio, but didn't have time for a settings menu.

Will definitely check out your game! I got in to make a game and also try and rate as many entries as possible!

Thanks for playing! Very happy to hear it's your favorite game out of everyone else! I don't hear that often especially when they are hundreds (even thousands) of other good games in the same boat as mine, but when I do, it just makes me want to make more!

Heads up: I forgot to put this in the description, but I actually recorded all 7 days of me making this game for the Jam. So once it's ready, there will be a video on my YouTube channel of me making Instrucdoors and explaining my process!

Good little entry! Falls a bit short and feels unfinished, but I understand that college can be a pain in the butt for game projects. I am also a college student, but I was lucky to have a pretty small schedule this semester (only having Wednesday and Thursday early in the morning and the whole day Friday.) Last 3 semesters I had 7-9 classes at once and I hated that for creating my games (all of them are on my GameJolt, shameless plug here XP).

I'm very curious where you'll bring this game! Keep up the good work!

If you've got some spare time, come try and rate my game! 7 different endings, hilarious narrator, worth checking out!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! I was planning to add a way to make the dialogue faster by holding down a button and also add an alternate first level with less lines, but I ran out of time before I could add those. College got in my way.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! I am honestly surprised on how good I managed to link all the plot points together, because I did pretty much all dialogue lines on the fly without thinking about the rest of the paths.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! I did all of the voice over on the fly, so I didn't have time to adjust the volume on most of them. My friend gave me the idea so you could skip the dialogue by making it faster, but of course, ran out of time.

I agree that sometimes jumping at the edges can be a pain (and time of course didn't help me fix that.) Though once you get the hang of it it's not that bad in my opinion.

"You die of disappointment." Aw man. I wouldn't want to go like that in real life.

Very cool entry! Dialogue felt a bit slow (especially when trying to go through every single door to see every game overs) but you could go through without finishing listening, which is good.

Actually, this reminds me of my entry! It has 7 different endings and another hilarious narrator! You also go through doors! If you've got some spare time, come check it out and rate it! It's worth it!

Doesn't run on my end either :/

Windows 10 x64

At least, you submitted something! That thumbnail really wanted me to play your game!

Try and rate mine if you have some spare time: 7 endings, hilarious narrator, fun!

Here's mine, INSTRUCDOORS. It's my first Game Jam game. It has 7 different endings and a hilarious narrator. So far tons of positive feedback! It's truly worth checking out!

Hey! Un ami canadien! Je viens d'essayer votre jeux et il est assez bien! Les waves ont arrêtés d’apparaître et j'ai perdu ma base en explorant, mais en une semaine c'est très cool!

Voici le mien, INSTRUCDOORS. Premier Game Jam aussi. Il possède 7 fins différentes et un narrateur assez drôle. Il ne m'en manque plus beaucoup pour atteindre le nombre minimum de ratings (20) pour pouvoir être dans ceux qui peuvent gagner (même si je ne suis pas là pour gagner.)

Very great game! I wouldn't have thought about something like this for a "game is a liar" theme and it fits very well! Though, since I'm a little bit colorblind (red/green), some colors look too similar even though I can still see all of them. Green and yellow are WAAYYYY to similar when they are displayed on a screen. If I don't see a clear seam between them, then I don't see the difference. Either that or I'm not the only one thinking those two are too similar.

Apart from that, excellent entry!

If you've got some spare time, come try and rate mine! 7 different endings, a hilarious narrator, worth checking out!

Welp, here's a game that needs more attention. How does this game have so little number of ratings??? This game is well worth for a chance to win. Come on, guys! Let's put this game over the 20 minimum number of ratings!

Awesome graphics, great sound, very polished, feels more like a true indie game than one for a game jam!

Awesome entry! Congrats!

I'd really love if you'd take a look at my entry and rate it! It has 7 different endings and a very funny narrator!

So yeah. I knew this was a troll, yet I still go check it out.

Veeeeery low effort, but oddly super effective.

I guess people want this to win because of the meme. Hmmmmm... We'll see.

(I know I shouldn't be serious with that one, but I'm really just thinking if this game is worth the win VS some of the other more serious entries. I also see this was a team of 3 people.)

Still, good troll!

If you've got some spare time, come check out and rate my entry!

Very good entry! What a switch from a regular tower defense game! I like how you can use your physical keyboard to place the path! though my "è" and "/" are inverted, even on a keyboard checker website (so that's an issue on my end probably with my Corsair K95 Platinum, but who knows)

I first didn't get where the theme came into play, but reading the description, it was a bit hard to find without it. A strategy game morphed into a puzzle game. Great concept, but not so obvious for the theme of the jam.

Still, I really liked your game! Good job!

If you've got some time to spare, come try and rate mine! 7 different endings, hilarious narrator, worth checking out!

(1 edit)

It seems that you went all out on the graphics, but neglected a bit on the gameplay :/

I'll admit, the game looks awesome. You've done a great job on the graphics. Maybe some more sound effects (like jumping) and it would have been a killer!

Sadly, the controls feel weird and unfinished. I've heard that you didn't finish some of the spline paths, and it shows in some parts of it. I got stuck at the first little tower on my first run and on my second one, the character wanted to walk in a wall but not back out of it. The game also encourages you to just walk in one direction... and that's it, you win. Plus, if you hold sprint for too long, the character goes back to walking (just read that this was intended in one of you comments to someone else. I guess it felt to me more like a bug than anything else.)

I guess you were just too ambitious with your project. That was my issue too at first with some of my games. And that's especially true when you are doing a game jam. My lesson: Sometimes, simple ideas are the best ones. They are relatively quick to make, yet they make you want to play again.

Still, congratulations on having tried, at least! Making a game like this in 7 days and submitting 3 minutes before the deadline is certainly not an easy task, even if it is incomplete!

If you've got some spare time, come check out and rate my entry! It has 7 different endings and a hilarious narrator (and a bird main character!)

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! It was the first time I tried narration with voice acting (by myself), so hearing it was great and funny really makes me happy!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! Happy to hear that my humour is great! (especially when done on-the-fly and on a rush XP)

Neat little game! Of course it has birds, so I was already sold on it.

I thought this would be some sort of multi-ending game at first (with multiple endings), but it seems like there is only one. A bit disappointed, but still great for a game jam! I like how you played with the window's size from script at runtime. First time I see that here for this jam!

Only real missing feature is some audio. Yes, there is one hit sound, but some ambiance and more sound effects would greatly add to the atmosphere.

Apart from that, good entry!

If you've got some spare time, come try and rate mine! 7 different endings, hilarious narrator and it also has a bird for the main character! Worth checking out!

Very cool game! I had trouble at first understanding which ones were good, which ones were bad (it seemed to me almost random) until I started remembering only the names. Some names seem to always go in one direction (like cats seem to always be good and dogs seem to always be bad.) Of course, the theme of the jam made me confused if I should trust what's written on the papers or not until I reached the end.

Apart from that, super cool entry! Nice audio, great graphics, good job!

If you've got some spare time, come try and rate mine! It has 7 different endings and a hilarious narrator. Worth checking out!

Very nice entry! I managed to find the cookie a couple of times (once on the 2nd locker opened!) The only bug I encountered was when I went back to the title screen. Another instance of the music would start over the existing one, each time you decide to go back to the menu.

Apart from that, great time killer of an entry!

If you've got some spare time, come try and rate mine! 7 endings to find, hilarious narrator, worth checking out!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! Congrats on finding 6 out of 7 endings!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! It's definitely hard to make something that looks good, feels great and makes sense when linked all together (like a multi-ending story) especially in a single week. Hearing how well I did my job here is for me a sign of a bright future in game development!

Just rated your game! Now, here's mine: INSTRUCDOORS. You can find up to 7 different ending and you've got a hilarious narrator speaking to you. So, have fun!

Simple entry, but it works! My high score is 95, but I could do better!