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Very nice, Love the artstyle. although it does feel a little bit simple. my score was 2141. But very nice overall man!

I fucking love this


I used gamemaker:studio. Thanks for playing :)

Ah, i am so sorry you needed to encounter an error. I will try and fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for playing it!

This is quite well done! How did you connect the words to the dictionary? Great game concept overall. You should expand on it and throw it on the app store or something

Nice dungeon crawler! keep up the good work!

This is a great game! Throw it on mobile and let the cash flow cause this is a great time waster!

Overal an interesting concept. I get the feeling that adding ambience and sound effects should be added cause it feels so mysterious and could use some of that in sounds. Overall fun experience

I Love the idea but sometimes the camera annoys me a bit. For the most part its a great system you have. maybe make it so you can think ahead when you are at the flags so that you can choose on the fly.

Fun idea! maybe make it so you know when you stumble against a wall so that you get a bit more reation out of the game!

Thanks for playing the game and giving feedback! I didn’t know the feedback thing was that big of an issue. In the back of the camp at the right there are logs on the ground and apples/berries on a tree to show how much you have. And the players change to a sad face when their morale gets low. I’ll make this stand out more in a new update if it’s really this big of an issue.

Awesome Mechanic! The game could have some adjustments in how it gets played. Maybe a bit more gravity, cause the game is hard as balls.