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fun game pleasant game relaxing type game, a game that does NOT force you to deal with your frustration head-on

nice concept good music nice art, would have loved to see more level / enemy variety

the coolest

very cool concept but i did die randomly sometimes

this truly matched my minutes

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very very very cute i loved it

kind of linear but very very funny. a bit too on-the-nose for me but thats cool. The longer it went on the better it got, good concept.

(also i am not the publisher of the game i contributed to but if you want to play what my team made check this:

cool idea but i had to fight enemies with numbers higher than my die could roll and it wasnt clear what i should have done

art is wonderful but the dice mechanic doesnt seem to have a point unless the wolf is there (wasting a turn to reroll), and even there it felt underutilized

computer ai didnt seem to make too much sense but the rules are nice and i bet this would be great to play against a friend

great mechanic and execution!

walking and pulling the ball feels pretty slow, but i really enjoyed the sound effects and the disco direction you took

because of the style of the presentation it war really difficult to understand how everything worked. i do think youve created a very strong vibe and thats rlly cool

a lot of fun, having to shoot multiple guys with one shot is nice

scored 10450!