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With 1.0.3 the problem persists. Only difference is that the look of the mouse cursor stays like ingame. After killing the process via keyboard and taskmanager, the mouse cursor changes to normal and I can use it again.

(Forgot to test the parameter, is it helpful, then I download and install again?)

Windows 10 and v1.0.2.

The icon if the accomplished achievements differs, does the color mean something (bronce, silver, gold)?

I played for three hours and got 21 achievements.

Thanks for the game!!!

If I switch from ingame to desktop (hitting Windows key, sometimes unwanted hitted), mouse clicks don't work, and you cannot switch back to the game. I only found following solution: Strg+Alt+Enf, open Task Manager, using keyboard select the game, then 3x tab to go to button for ending process, hit space to end process. Then the mouse works again, and I can start the game again (hoepfully saved not too long ago).