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but when in spring 2020?

what's the new release date for ATC?

so i just found out that you acually cant cheat to beat the game instantly, so this could take a while...

hey dave i have a question about STFBTS?

tahts just mean


That's A Long Ways Away, But I Can't Wait! Thanks For Everything You've Done For Making Ur Games, Dave!

Also When Is Around The Clock Coming Out?

Oh, OK Just Wanted 2 Noe.

(1 edit)

Dave You Did Say That You Can't Put Monsters From Other Games In This One, But There R 2 Monsters In Custom Mode That Are From Other Games.

Nosferatu and a Ghost From Wails For Freedom.

like King Ramses, Freddy, Tunky and Bunky, Dora, stuff like that?

plz add more monsters to custom mode dave

Dave How Do U Get To The "Here Lies Squidward's Hopes And Dreams" Easter Egg?

This Game Ruined Spongebob For Me Forever. I Hope You're Happy, Dave.