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wow that was really cool

Just a question but why did the game got free?

Hey so i wanna play the game but there's one question on my mind

If it breaks the fourth wall and messes with your pc will it still countinue when you close the game or do you need to complete the game to make it stop?

Thanks for the reply and thank you for giving me a hint and not entirely spoiling the solution to the endings. 

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The game is so coooool and so creppy but i have a question So i got 3 endings and i think those are all of them but i feel somethings missing so is there another ending or is it just me?

Edit: Forgot to specify what endings so i got the Loop Ending, The Abducted ending and the Newspaper ending

Suspect Gamejam community · Created a new topic More Time

Since 3 people joined i increased the time for the entries


I wonder how long it will take for Meatly to get it taken down... lets be honest. It happend with other fan games so it will happen, but the game looks really nice

I don't really think that its the point of a gamejam so no but feel free to use pre created assests from that game

i got stuck at video 05 because i couldn't find the arnie's nightmare finale video... please fix it

i did not complete the game yet so i will ask 

will something bad happen if i import the save to the new update?

don't know how you about it but can you upload faith C2 (or deluxe) to steam?

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I want do inform about my jam

the jam is about job simulators

and i dont want do explain the rules (beacuse im lazy) 

you can find rules in the jam page here:

cool and i love this concept

any tips to people join my game jam

please help me

not that scary