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Congrats on your first game :) Fun! The forks should despawn/become non-hitting on hit after they dealt damage, currently its easy to get stuck on a fork and get killed by one continuing hit.

Love the UI :)

Lovely. :) Amazing that this was your first Godot game.

Awesome game for such a short amount of time. Hope you keep working on it =)

Very cool atmosphere, agree with the others about ingame instructions and walls being hard to distinguish from the floor.

Also, the chromatic aberration/screenshake was nice at first, but gets very intense when cornered by multiple enemies. Some upper bound would be nice there.

Very smooth movement and graphics!

Akien already said a lot of what I thought when playing this. Cool idea, surprisingly sophisticated for such a short amount of time, just needs a little more polish.

Tried to launch it on Windows with Godot, but only getting lots of console errors about "Failed setting key at time X in Animation 'flapping', Track '....'" and when pressing play a crash with "Invalid get index 'name' (on base: 'Area (')".

Fun game! Love the gameplay, the sounds, the graphics and animations.. everything!

Also awesome how you communicated the game mechanics with the early levels, slowly increasing the difficulty.

Short, but the concept is lovely. Nicely done in such a short time, would also like more levels to play!

Love the art & animations, and the commentary! :)

Awesome idea and fun execution. Ramping up the difficulty more slowly may have been nicer on inept players like me ;) Managed 11 drinks and finally accepted that bartending isn't my forte. Some splashing sounds would have been cool!

Very nicely done, especially for your first entry! If you ever publish this as a mobile time waster, let me know. :P

Please ping me on Discord or IRC to fix this :)

Please ping me on Discord or IRC to fix this :)

Please ping me on Discord or IRC to fix this :)

Please ping me on Discord or IRC to fix this :)