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No specific date but not long to wait

Game executable available for download with no game documentation, I'll do a separate download for this once updated

The blue button has to be there on the lineup screen, if there is no continue button on your team home screen you may need to close a news report by clicking the red x

Yes I'm currently updating the databases for this season,  shouldn't be long then it'll be available.

I may be able to upload it uncomoressed I'll check

Yes I'm looking at making the game available on play store

Hi that's a strange problem that I've never encountered, I'll take a look to see what could be causing it and come back to you.

An editor is something I've considered, but I'd rather do an historic type 500cc era game if there's enough interest in playing it?

Cheers :-) I'm uploading a game update today with some new features, check it out..

Hi, thanks for your message, this is something I am considering, maybe later in the year, is this something you would be interested in ?

Game is finished and ready to download and play, hope you all enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed developing it

Hi thanks for your message, I've only got 2 circuits to complete, then finish game testing and it'll be ready, glad you're enjoying the demo, I am planning on releasing a V2 demo that will have some of the new features I have been adding lately. Thanks for you support during development of this game

Hi  thanks for your mesaage, I'm working on the game as much as I can and it will be completed as soon as I can. I guarantee the wait will be worth it, I plan on releasing an updated demo soon for fans to play while I work on the full game, thanks again for supporting this project.

Sorry about that, he is of course in the new game...I'm still working on mgp2019, have you tried the demo? I hope to have it finished fairly soon  once all the tracks are done and I've fine tuned the game, thanks for your support glad you enjoy playing the gsme