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Awesom, lov the pixel art work, you can try mine -here-https://mgms-pg01.itch.io/dashie-night-the-horror-game hope you like it

Great, sweet home ;)

If you on windows 10, you can capture screen by pressing Win + Alt +R at same time to record video or take screenshot Win+PrtSc :)

you can play mine lol

I Finished, Well done :)

Beautiful concept, keep it up guys ;)

Checkout the "Glowman Adventure" new game for PC, looks like no one interested, but you can name your own price or download for free, its easy to install .EXE file. Try it now, you will love it. and thanx for supporting ME :)


You can learn from YOU TUBE, that's how i learn man. and you can check out my games, that i made by GMS HERE>>>https://mgms-pg01.itch.io/glowman-adventure and more games on Google Play Store and Amazon.

And u should check out my games too guys :)

i played on my 4k laptop, runs smooth, and great graphics, finished in 20 minutes. 10/10 :)

What a game! So Good and lov the music...

New Glowman Adventure trailer

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I'm new too, but you can upload any files exmple: rar, zip, exe, html.

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Great graphics :) you should check out my game called Dashie Night The Horror Game.

Download "Glowman Adventure" for FREE!

Click Here-->  https://mgms-pg01.itch.io/glowman-adventure

Hello everyone, I have made a game called "Dashie Night The Horror Game". This game sponsored by a famous you tuber named Dashiegames. He's very popular on you tube, 5 millions people are following him and he's comedy gaming commentary! with A LOT of bad words.  https://mgms-pg01.itch.io/dashie-night-the-horror-game