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It's hard to avoid similar names with so many games out there. Personally, however, I think that your game has something to do with not many colours, which makes the "chromo" somewhat inappropriate. I would have rather called your game "Duotris".

Je trouve dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de musique ni de score. Les mouvements du personnage sont également très limités et il est probable que l'on ne puisse parfois même pas survivre, car on ne peut esquiver qu'en sautant sur le côté lorsqu'un ennemi arrive par le bas. Mais si un ennemi volant arrive, on meurt.

Sur le moment, j'ai été surpris par la qualité du jeu, mais j'ai ensuite réalisé à quel point il était saccadé. Les couleurs des pièces changent et de temps en temps, c'est noir. La musique est effrayante et les commandes me dépassent. On a besoin des touches fléchées, de la souris et de la barre d'espace pour sauter.

Dans le niveau de difficulté moyen, je devais aller sur une surface turquoise, mais la même couleur m'a été interdite en même temps. De ce fait, on ne peut que perdre si on a de la malchance. Le concept me plaît, mais la musique est plutôt effrayante, même si le jeu a l'air plutôt joyeux. La difficulté devrait augmenter au fil du temps pour que cela ne dure pas indéfiniment. Bon jeu :)

Le concept me plaît, car j'ai moi aussi envisagé de faire un jeu de ce type. Je trouve que les touches 1, 2, 3 sont un peu mal choisies, car cela m'oblige à superposer mes deux mains. Les touches fléchées auraient mieux fonctionné ici ou, alternativement, on aurait pu choisir les couleurs en cliquant sur la souris. À partir du niveau 4, j'ai malheureusement dû abandonner car le niveau de difficulté était trop élevé.

The game didn't load until the end

Very games have the same principle, but this one looks really pretty!

I chose English and the game was still in Chinese.

I think that a game like this needs music and images.

I like that the menu is set up like a plfatformer.

nice artstyle

Looks like a Metroidvania. It seems like a good game to me, but at some point I just died without understanding why.

I like the shadow effects

I find it a shame that the games that look like they could be highly innovative and interesting are often completely unintuitive to understand. I love chemistry.

Nice idea, unfortunately there are too many blocks on the screen, which is a bit overwhelming.

Most of the time the cuts are accurate, but sometimes they don't come, even though you hear it and I thought I hit it. At first I got points, but at some point my score counter stopped at 11.

The game has tat potential, but I'm not sure it's currently just a pure gamble.

Nice physic. The game is well suited for a joystick.

When I press "Level selection", all I get is an empty sky without any buttons. In general, the picture is somehow shifted upwards.

nice idea. I like that you can move by hold the button :)

I like the idea that you have to butcher your ingredients first. It's a cooking simulator with a battle system xD

Oha, that's the Platformer Guy from GMTK!

How do you make it all shake on your side? Oha!

After I managed a few levels, I could no longer move. A grid based dungeon scroller in 3d is interesting.

Why you dont upload a picture of the game?

nice idea

The sound played several times. I like emotions as an game concept

It's crazy but interessting.


I like the dark style

Thank you, I didn't know about the latter either.

Really clever idea to create a Cookie Clicker with dice. Although I realise how addictive this can be, it's still not my kind of game. Still, good work!

How I can put them into the door?

The movement is nice and snappy, but after the first death I couldn't continue playing without reloading.

I like this style with the stage.

Nice idea, but the instant death and difficulty are too high.

Really beautiful graphics.

I like Smash-like fighter games, the random system is also a cool idea, but the fights are very one-sided.

Very neatly made game, good music, but I can't get the door open even though I have collected all the dice.