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Wow, just got around to reading your post, sorry about that.

As I stated before, the most intensive part is the post processing going on to achieve the noise + vignette + bloom + fisheye + motion blur + DoF + Fog + SSAO, which does not rely on the video card as much. Instead the post processing is very cpu intensive for those effects, even though some of it is achieved through shaders as well. But each one requires another pass from the cpu to the gpu and back. If we count those, then there are 8 passes not including the original render passes.

I have gone back to check on the brightness of it, and have added bounce lighting to the bathroom and bedroom. I also tested and retested the closest event. The closet event for the jacket is working properly. The event that might be throwing you off is the secondary mirror event, which has no sounds to lead you back to it. This one people might have trouble with more so than others. I have added a sound to this event as well.

I have also added the option to remove the post processing effects.Turning these off should improve your performance. Press the 2 key on the keyboard to toggle them on or off.

Other changes: Slowed movement speed, and increased amount of footsteps heard to correspond with slower movement.

It was just a test concept based off of a random reddit post. And yeah, I totally I get what you mean with the movement. I think I primarily designed it with the controller in mind, but maybe not. I can't really remember at this point, as it has been so long since I touched it.

Yes, it is fairly dark, but to not be able to tell if you are in a corner or not is indeed your monitor. I have monitors with proper gamma and color tones set because I also create digital paintings. I have no problems telling if I am in a corner or not.

The game is meant to be tedious just as if you really were blind in real life. It is also meant to make you think. I will not hold your hand in this game concept. I will guide you with certain flags, but it is up to you to solve it. As to the jacket, where do you usually keep a jacket when not in use? Think about that and what is available in the room. However, I do agree with the movement being too fast and it could use some work. As to that one bug, you might have fallen out of the room space and thus in limbo. I need to put a respawn trigger in case that happens. Though, I have moved on to other projects now, so I doubt I will update this further.

As to your FPS, well that is expected on a 850m considering you are running it at 1080p. An 850m is less than a 750 gtx roughly. Also your 2.5ghz processor doesn't help. It is also a bottle neck due to the post processing effects. From those specs it looks like it probably is a laptop.

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I forgot I made sure the usual Fire Buttons were used for interaction as well. Yes, you can use LMB to Interact and RMB to enter memory mode. I will add that up top to the instructions.

I am currently working on optimizations right now. The main culprit for the performance hit are the two mirrors updating every frame. I have since fixed that on my local version to only update when needed via scripting. I have also made it so you can turn off refraction in the glass as well. I am optimizing the real time Global Illumination by baking as many objects as I can. Plus, some bug fixes as well. With the new optimizations I am now seeing about 100fps on a single gtx 970.

What is your monitors refresh rate? Currently fantastic mode has vsync enabled and thus fps is limited to the monitor refresh rate. I will mess with turning off the vsync and see if there is any tearing. If not, then I will leave vsync off.

What are your computer specs?

It is partly optimized right now with the lighting all baked in. There are two things that could possibly be optimized further: the real time reflections and the real time refraction. I forgot to add, that you can shift+left click the .exe to change settings for the quality level, resolution and such. I didn't disable it, it is just hidden. However, I don't recommend going below the Good quality level, otherwise it disables the real time reflections currently. I will release a new version with an FPS counter and optimized reflections.