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Played a bit! Looks good, feels good, sounds good. I love that it's made with GB Studio. Looking forward to seeing more!


Fast-paced and lots of fun! Thought it seemed easy at first. I was wrong.

Neat as hell and I haven't even touched the game yet


I messed around with sprytile in the past but when 2.8 got here I was so sad to see it was incompatable. Now that it's back, I'm looking forward to learning it again!

Feels like it needs more space between obstacles with the strange control scheme. After a couple of tries I figured out what was going on, but it was still very difficult to maneuver. I do like the art and the uvula obstacle is really creative!

It brings to my mind an intense wave of Tamagotchi nostalgia. 

Super cute! 

It's not easy to last long before hitting a cloud. The art style is pretty cute, but the sounds that the game makes as you play are a little too repetitive for my own comfort, especially for a multi-minute long level. The idea itself is good, though, and it makes for a cute little runner game. 

I really enjoy the graphics, and as somebody who enjoys bullet hells, I see lots of potential in this. I didn't get any music, though? Not sure why. 

Okay this is adorable! Reminds me of old platformers I'd play on the computer in high school. Very cute characters, and excellent simple graphics.

Very much enjoyed! Short but sweet. A good concept to continue building from. The theme of blindness gave me extra anxiety, thinking I was going to end up leading Love into danger, but I very much loved the effect it had as I was slowly exploring and building up the world around me. Would love to see more! 

You're welcome, and good work!

I say nice job! Thumbs up! :D

I made this Game Jam with the intention to let whoever wanted to work and create do so without fear. Progress is progress!

I did have my own ideas for my submission, but I tossed out two projects with the intent to foster a third. Alas, circumstances kept me from completing this project. But here, at the end of the month and with the Game Jam drawing to a close in a day, I'd like to thank everybody who participated, and those of you who joined with the intention to participate, who ended up not being able to. (Like me.)

I appreciate every one of you, and I hope to see you again next time! 

Thank you for submitting! 

I'm sorry I haven't been responding to this thread! It's been an eventful month lol.

I love this concept to death! Gotta get those sheep! I especially love the cow with the minigun in the original version. 

This is awesome!

Progress is progress, even if it's slow to come. I know the Jam is nearly over, but I'd love to keep seeing your progress! Also, I know the focus of the screenshot is on the trees, but that mottled ground texture is really drawing my eye too. I love how it breaks up the colors without losing its subtlety. 

Nice! It's awesome that you're keeping a year-long streak going! 

Thanks for joining us, and I can't want to see what you've got in store!

Excellent writing, enjoyable characters, and nice sex all wrapped up in mysteryyyyyyy~

Loved it! Looking forward to the full release.

Btw loved the amazing character spinning animation. Took me for a loop.

Well we only got one entry, so "Futility" by aiwulf is the winner by default!

Thank you to everybody who joined, and good luck on your future projects! 

I'm thinking about asking my coworker for her mother's cookie recipe. They're a family of witches, apparently, and my coworker's son has been haunted since he was a kid. Very spooky cookies, I imagine. 

But I'm most likely going to just have spiked hot chocolate and candy corn. Also, pumpkin pie is required.

Kinda bummed that I found this so late... If you make another jam later I'll totally pop in on it.