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Daniel Bross

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Thank you so much! Will give it a look!

Huh, seems like a very good tool for making quick prototypes!

Really a cool idea!

What engine did you use to make this?

The artstyle is amazing!
Had to buy it just for that :P

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I removed the downloadable version, since it is no longer up to date. I would be happy to send you a new build when a new version is ready. A lot of stuff has happened since this public version including a "How to play" ;-)

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First of all thanks for playing! :-)

And sorry about the controls. I removed the tutorial from the newest build :-( You can actually undo by pressing BACKSPACE, but we'll upload a build with a new tutorial soon!

Once again thanks for taking the time to play my game! I really appreciate it! :-)

Good to hear that it adds some more depth with the new block-type and the ice.

I'm currently working on improving the visuals a little again and adding an overworld in the same vein as Stephen's Sausage Roll which has been a big inspiration. I'm not sure how the progression will work here, but I will probably have to redo a lot of levels to make them more challenging. I hope that the overworld could work as a tutorial in itself.

I'm also exploring the idea of a more vertical puzzle like you describe.

And thanks for the bug report! I just fixed it and will upload a new build as soon as there is more content.

I had a tutorial, but removed it since I wanted to make a better one :)

I just uploaded a new version if you want to check it out? :D

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Ah, yeah, fixed it! :-) Not sure if I'll post upcoming versions here on itch, but let me know if you want to try it out, when I've got another version! :-)

Try this build

Huh, does the bin-folder contain 'libgame.dylib'?

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Aaaaaand..... the MacOS build is up!

We still need to work on scaling the UI properly with the screen resolution, so be prepared for some small text! ;-)

Working on it! :D Hopefully I'll have a Mac build tomorrow!

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Thank you so much for the kind words!

I'm glad the mechanic was easy to understand, I still have a lot of ideas to make it more interesting.

Great suggestions too!

1. I'll be looking into a save system for progress very soon!

2. Right now the levels are not ordered after anything but the order I made them in, so I'll definitely order them in a more natural way :-D

3. And seems like a good idea to make the game more accessible with more than just color-coded blocks.

Thank you again for the suggestions!

Hi Diogo!

I'm already part of it actually. My username is stonecompass :-)

Glad you liked it! And thank you so much!

Thank you!

thanks for the kind words! I will definitely make some more levels! :-D

Cool game! Really like the aesthetic!

Thank you, David!

Well thank you! :-) I will check it out

Neat game and very fitting and relaxing music!

Fun little game! Not bad for 7 days!

Haha, well it may be a tad too hard, but I'm glad you liked the idea :-)

Really like the atmosphere you've established and, like Aika, the game makes my heart race :P

Hi, I'm a programmer and decided to join this jam to create a game on my own. I've been wanting to join more jams and this one seemed like fun!

Good luck everyone! .-)