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Left is still my favorite text editor -  I love the freedom of custom themes, and how clean the ui is.

that being said one of my favorite things about left was the lack of titlebar and menu, since I didn't feel it was ever really needed- is there a way to hide it ? or is it only this way now? if so would it be possible to add an option/shortcut to hide it?

Love it <3

Thanks a bunch!

Either closing the current document and opening a new blank one - or just closing the app entirely.

Left community · Created a new topic Small bug

A small bug, when scrolling up to the top of a document using the arrow keys, the line you're on is two lines above where the visible text starts, leaving the top two lines hidden until you scroll with a mouse

(This is minor but still an annoyance)

annd not sure if this is a bug or not but you cannot close all documents with ctrl+w, the last one stays.

(PS this app is really nice and I use it all the time, thank you. I put no pressure on it being fixed as I know you have other more important things and did just update it recently anyway :)

Yeah, I'm getting the same issue. I normally have left open all day in the background for note taking and other things, so I guess that's is why it's happening to me so often.