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Thanks for your reply! Can't wait to try out the game with a CPU. Happy holidays to you too!

Wow, this game looks great! The controls are fantastic and feel responsive, art is nice, and sound effects work well with the game. However, I have no friends so... could you please release another version of the game with an CPU player? I would really appreciate it.

Okay, thanks for the clarification! Those are all good points.

However, Unity does run on GNU/Linux. In fact, I'm on a Linux machine right now that has Unity installed.

I'll start using Tiled next time I make a tile-heavy project :)

What advantages does this have over Unity's tilemap system?

I would suggest making the water a bit bigger in one of the preview pics, you can see the edges

I have the same issue as @Fethore and @B0bRoss. This game is solid OGA and LPC, and needs a lot more polish. Good start of a game though.


Highscore thread

Uhh... where is the downloadable version? There are no download links.

Oh, hi! Sorry, I forgot that was your other username. Did you see the skull update yet?



Post your highscores here.

The Music is nice, but it reminds me a little bit too much of that one PICO-8 demake of Celeste.

Love this game!

The giant enemies

Thanks! Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

I'm interested as well, although I'll probably stick to Unity.

Got 21 - nice game! Love the color schemes.


Perhaps you should add a loose condition? Also, why the VectorStock image...?

New high on gold 5/4750/17/2/2

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Managed to get a new record for most supplies: 8 bombs and 5 ropes.

Good for your first game, but the controls feel slow and unresponsive. You should add a scoreboard too.

Finally... something like a game! Now all it needs is...

  • A scoreboard
  • A background that doesn't make the player dizzy
  • Some variety, such as spikes

Good luck!

Just made another record... maxed out at 5 hearts. Those damsels are hard to get!

This is my record score so far:

  • Depth: 7
  • Gold: 4550
  • Kills 29

The dang arrow got me!

Oh, by the way - I would like to point I noticed that the spikes become bloodied when the boulder runs over them. That wasn't intended, right? I'm loving the game!

Just did!

Thanks mate! I've been trying to make a sequel with an infinite world, but so far I haven't found an efficient solution to that mechanic. Thanks for playing!

What's up with the particle effects?

This is a really dumb game. This physics are bad, the graphics are bad, the concept is bad, everything is bad. Sorry to disappoint ya.

Very. Fun.

Love it! This reminds me of Asterix and Obelix, the cartoon, if you have heard of it. Please add more levels!

Oh, never mind. I figured it out.

How do you evolve the monsters?

Couldn't figure it out. Tried three times, I swear I tried every key... am I missing something?

I loved the game, but I think you should restore one verbal warning every time you get a promotion.

There was a glitch that there was a hole in the dge of the map, and I fell through it. Man.. and just before the gold skull!!!

33 so far... I managed to get higher, but I didn't realize that buying blocks cost points. Oops.