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Well, shoot. My right click doesn't work on my mouse. Oh well. I'll give it a go when I get it working again. Looks nice though, love the art!

I beat the game! I loved it. I wish there were more levels though. For example, it would be nice if there were competing (non static) people in the bus who tried to beat you to the door. Besides that, I loved the graphics, concept, and title screen.

Give Unity a try.

Looks pretty dead to me. Are you working on any other projects?

Just because you cannot play Counterstrike or League of Legends without an external mouse, that doesn't mean that game developers don't think about these kinds of things. I myself have been creating video games for over a year and I design them to be friendly to touchpads and external mice. If you design around the constraints of touchpads, laptop users don't have to suffer.

Can't wait to try out the bomb spell!

That is unfortunate. Lucky for me I am dual booted. :)

Also, I have another point to make. Using the scroll wheel to change spells is awful, because if you are on a laptop you simply do not have a scroll whell. Perhaps using the number keys to switch to specific spells might be better?

I love this game! I couldn't of imagined how much you could fit into 64x64 pixels. It is hard to even make a pixel art sprite in that size! I love this game. However, this game NEEDS to be finished. I played the post-jam version of the game, and I was quite disappointed that it wasn't finished. Can't wait until you publish the final version!

True, but I got used to it quite quickly. Also, smaller the window the better in terms of eye strain.

Are there any download links?

True! That would be quite hard. I was thinking that perhaps in future I could switch the text color to black for lighter colours. However, that would remove "ultra hard mode" from the game. Thank you for playing Countdown!!

Is it possible to create a custom favicon for your game, not the one derived from your background? Thanks!

Oh, okay. I thought that perhaps if you didn't have low health at the end you might not die. (Maybe I missed some food? I looked pretty carefully.)

Is the zombie ending the online ending? I'm intrigued.

Who else is here from Ludum Dare?