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No worries take all the time in the world 💙

Love the demo. Really looking forward to the rest! I figured I'd give a bug report of a couple of things I noticed.

First is I ended up getting softlocked in a fight against a Spewing Corrupted. It was the only enemy left in the fight. I only had Robin and Jay in the party and it put both of them to sleep and poisoned both of them. I ended up with 1HP left on both characters but instead of finishing them off the Corrupted just kept casting sleep on them over and over again, skipping all of my turns and leaving me with no way to do anything but quit the game and start from my last save.

Second is not really a bug but just a minor annoyance. There seems to be something invisible blocking movement just to the right of Minerva. So whenever you go to her to save and chat you have to back directly away from the counter again to move away, instead of just going right. Maybe that's intentional but I found it to be a minor annoyance as it looks like you should be able to walk right.

Also one of Carna's lines overruns the text box when she first notices you when you enter her office. I think it was the word "believe" that got cut off.

I will just re-iterate though that the game is great! Really looking forward to it.

I love it!

Well spotted. This is actually because I threw together that one at the last minute specifically for the museum and I had already written the blurb for the warp drive one before hand. Will make a note to fix that when I can get around to it.

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Re-reading the page now it makes a lot more sense. Last night when trying to submit an entry I was very tired and easily confused and my brain lit up in panic when I saw the words "must [...] have been made in Unity". It probably would have been more clear to me what was being said if I had read the jam page more carefully in the first place. Sorry for making a fuss and thank you very much for extending the deadline as I had gone to bed without making the submission before seeing your response!

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Clicked the "Submit your project" button and suddenly it says "your game/entry must; - have been made in Unity."

Unpleasant surprise considering I spent a good few evenings making something in PICO-8 instead.


I don't have any screenshots but I ran into a couple of collision issues in and in the area before Carna's office. The one in the office is I was able to walk on top of (I think) the bottom right corner of the desk. The one outside was I was able to walk into the sprites for that one pipe sticking out of the wall.

Great demo really looking forward to the full game!

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