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Theirs a view all button in the top right that will show you all the games he made.

Yah, just found that out it says.

Starting Spring from: /home/REDACTED/Documents/Evolution RTS/engine/105.0/spring

Launching Spring with command: /home/atticus/Documents/Evolution RTS/engine/105.0/spring --write-dir

/home/REDACTED/Documents/Evolution RTS --isolation --menu rapid://evo-chobby:test

Loading dev extensions: false

/home/REDACTED/Documents/Evolution RTS/engine/105.0/spring: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by /home/REDACTED/Documents/Evolution RTS/engine/105.0/spring)

Spring failed with code: 

Glibc_2.29 is missing which is non compatible with Ubuntu 18 so sadly I can not play it. Though it should work on Ubuntu 19, 16, and 20. Although I have not tested it.

But the launcher works and I even did an update. I also tested the Stable, Dev, and Portable versions, all had the same error.

Download the app, I've never used it but it supposedly has auto update.


Did you run the command that it tells you to. Because part of the command installs libcurl3

I can't make a video but I can report it, and if you need a better description. I set my shotguns attachments then play a few matches, when I'm done I go to the main menu and click quit. The next time I load the game the shotgun will be reset.

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I had the same problem but then I found out that I was impatient and the zip file hadn't unpacked all the way, so try redownloading it, and waiting a little longer.

Any plans to bring the map editor to Linux or if it's already their can you tell me how to use? Also me and my brother play this game all the time and we really like, though I think theirs a glitch with the first shotgun not saving its load out. Rated it 5 stars.

No the web version does work you just have to wait a very long time, The game is a bit big to be a web game.

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The problem isn't the code, the problem is that there is no executable for Linux. There all for windows. And I'm not going to install an emulator such as Wine when I know for a fact that Unity can export for Linux.

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I love your youtube and I watched your vid on this but I have a question, why does it say it's Linux compatible when theirs only a windows executable and no Linux executable, and theirs also no Mac one either, Why?

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I forgot to say this but, While playing the game I couldn't actually see the top of the screen without scrolling up (it was only about an inch, so on my screen it wasn't much) so it'd be nice if you could do full screen, and if you decided not to do it because of their being black bars on the side of the screen, well I personally don't care weather or not theres black bars.

Also I'd rate your game but it says I have to join the jam to rate it and I'm already working on a game and don't have time for the jam, but I did rate it outside of the jam :), I did 4 stars but wanted to do 4.5

Interesting but sadly I didn't find it to actually be very fun. Though I did like the art style and sound effects.

In the end I think the reason I didn't find to be very fun is because the kind of games I like are more sandbox style, or games where you can interact/change literally everything such as in Dwarf Fortress.

Now I know you can't really change that but an idea might be to add armor you can find, or weapons that would add to your dice roll. You don't even need an inventory system, you could make it so that whenever you stand over an item it picks it up replacing the old one that you had equipped.

Aw no Linux :(

Sry didnt see your reply, I'll try it now.

Ok I'll wait.

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Aw no Linux

It says its compatible with Linux but it isn't, theirs no executable for Linux, but there is one fore Windows, I also didn't see one for Mac.

I wish their was a 64 bit version for Linux :(

Awww no Linux :(

Well that makes sense. Also on Linux there are no files hidden from users and you can do literally whatever you want to your files and pretty much anything else on your PC. But yah I can see how that bloat can be annoying.

Why did you get rid of Linux support, it worked fine and me and my brother played it every day through steam but then you removed the support for Linux, so why?

Wish you could place more than 20 blocks but otherwise it's a fun game.

Yah I had the same bug but if you just skip past all the text. It's really fun.

If the music is too loud turn down the sound

Short but fun, with some work I could see this becoming a bigger game that is developed outside of a game jam.

Fun but hard.

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I know the sounds are horrible, but I am very bad at making sounds. As for the score system you get points every time you kill an enemy, and you get 10 every 30 seconds just for surviving. I'll boost the points you get and slightly reduce the fall damage because my beta testers (my family) said the exact same things as you. Also I just found some bugs so expect an update today or tomorrow.

Their are no acounts

Well it's definitely fun and I'll see how far I can get.

Made with Godot and works on Linux, I haven't even played and I already love it.

The file "nw" isn't an executable it's a shared library.

Wheres the executable to start it? I'm on Linux.

Looks like you forgot to activate pixel snap in the settings devs. I know cause I use Godot too and those black lines are from not activateing it.

But their is a glitch. Try dashing while attacking, your character will break.

Yah its not

Anything Dani made cant be bad. right?


Fun and good choose using the Godot Engine

Sadly the linux version doesnt work. I open the game click new game then click new world and it doesnt do anything...