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thats icredible but teh skins have to change

developers can you put requirments on a text file so we can now if we can play it or not

whats the difference of 32bits and 64bits

thanks for helping me

theres a bug that my trees and potatos disapear on the cropplots


yes a have everithing

is there a form to download older versions

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you have reason

but they have to do something whit the maps because i dont want to restart every time they update the game

developers can you put on this topic what are you goin to put on next updates (sorry for mi inglish is because i am spanish)

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New Materials & New features for the game

Day/Night cycle could be great

temperature and weather to make the game more difficult and in this case make cloths like jacket pants shirt shoes hat

fish net


plastic bottles

furnace to smelt the scrap and make iron bars

anvil to craft weapons

workbech to craft more items


sink boats on the map

character personalization

and a story

Raft community · Created a new topic Future Updates
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i suggest to update the game in big patchs because in all that time we can make big rafts more things a test the game more

put your ideas above

yes i have a radeon R9 280

optimize the game please i have a graphic card and i cnts play with beatifull graphics

put plastic,circuits and other important materials in barrels

and please make something to upgrade foundation like metal foundation

and put like the transport containers that can came with food inside or materials

and a story because why we start on raft wath happen with me before y arrive to the raft

please put an elevator to go up more fatser automatic water purifire and day and night cycle with rain storms and weather like hot or cold

cloths beds a workbench a fish trap and more enemies because the game is to easy for me

with all the ideas that we give to your team can you make the game update weekly

can you pleace optimize the game

and an automatic purifier that grabs water and prepare it on the cup put elevators more building objects and more items like breath or bigger cropplot to put more potatos in ad more food and ad more weapons

this game is excellent but can you put storage and multiplayer please