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It would be good to be able to scale the textures if they're too big/small to fit your model.

I'd like a block selection tool so I can draw a box around multiple objects to select them please

It would be handy to be able to use an eyedropper tool to get the colour/texture of an existing component to paint it elsewhere

All the objects in my collection are 180 degrees in the wrong direction (so I can't see what they look like from the front) - it would be good to be able to globally rotate a collection.

Using the flat "floor" model in the "city" blockset - if you expand one side out, the other side also expands a little which I don't believe it should (e.g. if I'm expanding the floor to the "east", the edge on the "western" side of the block starts moving further west rather than staying still.)

If you have more than 21 colours in your palette, 22 onwards are stuck under the tabs for colour/pattern etc (see green and white swabs in the bottom of this image)

Rather that small/medium/large, it would be nice if the export gave you an indication in pixels of how big the final image would be.

The exported image is cropped

I've designed a small room as a quick test. When I choose to export it in 2D, the model is showing as a complete model in the preview, however, when I export it (as a small, medium, or large image), the right hand side gets cropped.

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Can the 2D export page please remember my most recently used settings (e.g. if I've rotated my model 90 degrees, and saved as an isometric 30 it would be nice if the next time I hit export again on the same model those selections were already set).

Also, if I rotate then change the camera preset, it would be nice if the rotation did not reset.

It would be nice if the most common (or maybe most recent) parts you use could be available in a "quick access" toolbar or similar. 

I love having lots of collections available, but if I'm not using a particular collection it would be nice to be able to disable it for this project.

If I import a collection and the scale doesn't match the default scale (e.g windows are twice the height of the ones that come in the default collection) it would be great to have a scale setting for that whole collection so parts were scaled to the right size for use in my scene - as opposed to dragging them in having to rescale them each time.