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whos vsause?


yay its just you seemed not to be o at the time

it wont let me send the paperclip even though I have that type in stock

hey do you still exist?

can anyone give me atleast a clue for the locker thingy


yes i lived

may be digging just a sugestion

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ok i think you should play this game if your a fan of spores creature stage as this game is kinda simulator to that game stage though its better like you can actually make a sea creature also there's actually aging, and other stuff

I'm doing a island project in school so basically me an two others will make our own island but there will be 3 groups and each grop makes on island

what do i need to use so i can play

interesting ill play when I get home

I loved it too. very fun 100000/5

hi welcome to dragon life a game about being a dragon but there is a story and you decide your role in it and how it plays out like real life! though sadly you cant do what ever you want though ): but if you wanna be a dragon and like roleplay then please cheek out the game though sadly I haven't started the game part and only the editor though I'm looking for feed back so please tell me what you like and dislike and remember there will be more so if you like the game so far then please follow the project to get updates. link

i down loaded it and its not english

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hi so this is for progress on my dragon life for the littlest of changes incase you want to see the little things i added that dident have a task for them and i just wanted to add them at a sertant moment


-changed backgrounds for editor

-removed asking for eye color and extra

-added four buttons, eye color, eye color, tail shield power and curse level

very modern

i like it and its fun 

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so I'm working on this game but I want opinions on part of the game iv started before i work on the actual game

how do the dragons look so far? should i change something?

Basically this is for suggestions


my load save doesint work

I research something but then it finishes but I don't actually get it as its like I never researched it

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welp ima make dinner and eat chili (:

i'm very interested in the animals

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thanks and also i love the game your making and when will flight be added

how do i breed?