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If your tool is turned downwards, it means you have to spin the turn table that the pink object is on.

Just spam the action button.

Space for keyboard.

A for controllers.

Yeah I figured.
Thank you though!

Like all rewards on Patreon, The rewards are only available to those who donate that amount monthly or per project. It doesn't add up.

The email has been sent.

Did you send me a message on Youtube? I've searched all over my account and I can't find anything of the sort. Can you please send it again?


15 seconds is the time to beat for the gold medal, and this guy ain't giving it to me!

Probs a bug.
Also on the topic of bugs, sometimes when I'm in the sewers under the red town, when I try to jump back up the pipe, I just fall back down, and I'm unable to jump again until I restart the game. help.

o wait the paper bag man says something about destroying the graves soz


AAAh I was gonna letsplay this but I wanted to test to see if it worked and OMFG where did the time go! Hahaha!

I do have one question.
How da heck do you destroy the wooden graves. I've been wailing on them with my sword and shooting the heck out of them with my blaster, but nothing seems to work.

Oh! And my game seemed to drop the FPS during the Tower section with the massive crystal, and it didn't seem like dropping the graphics setting did much. I was still getting sub 30FPS is some places during this part, despite the fact that the game was on it's lowest setting.

Also, Just a few more things I'd like to say, and they're about the health system.

I find it easier to manage my health if I can see it with a short glance, so perhaps give the HUD a health bar, or give the player the ability to earn/find one, kinda like in Kingdom Hearts. The numbers don't need to go though, they're still very helpful.

Another thing is that I don't look at my health enough, and I think I died twice because because of this, and even though you have visual queues to help players know when they're about to die, I think your players would appreciate it if there was also some kind of audio queue, kinda like in the Pokemon games!

It would be highly appreciated if you included these, and I can't wait for the full version.

Woa this is interesting!

Had a lot of fun!

Yeah, I agree.
That's a nice looking game you have there, but unless there's something worth $48 that I don't see in the trailer or screenshots, you shouldn't be charging that much.

What even is this supposed to be?
Like, It looks cool but..
What did I just see?


Look what I did with my spare time!

Are you proud of me? I hope you enjoy!

Do you have the RPGMaker Runtime package?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I just looked on your Patreon and I see that there's a beta for the fifth game avaliable to Patrons!

I don't want it spoiled though. I'll wait for the full version.

Posted in SWIFT comments

Hello! I played this and I thought that the video should be put here!

Heya! I played this!

Oh! Okay.

Thanks for answering!

To get the secret ending with Treat, you have to finish Syrup and the ultimate sweet.

Do you have to finish every ending, or do you only have to get a specific one?

This game is the best thing I have ever played!

So a safe bet would be about 30 minutes?


I want to play this game, but I would also like to know roughly how long it will take to beat.

I wanted to record this and put it on my YouTube channel, but I would like to know in advance if I'm going to be able to finish the game in one sitting (15 minutes) or if I'm going to need to make it into separate episodes (30+ minutes).

An answer from anyone would be appreciated!

This game was really fun! I made some really stupid decisions near the end, but I still had a blast playing this game!

This game is awesome!

I do have a small amount of things that I think should be changed.

Both over use of the gun and boost can destroy the ship. I think that the ammo and boost should instead have a cool down.

I know that these are here to make us more careful with our usage of these things, but I have found in many escape attempts, I died because I overheated.

Apart from that, this game is shaping up well!

A few server issues, but the game worked 99% of the time.



We all know it's gonna be Toffee!


You're welcome!
I had seen the other comments of people saying that they couldn't get it to work in chrome, so I lent a hand.

What you're going to need to do is tell Chrome that Flash can use this page.
Normally it does it by itself, but this site seems to be a bit derpy.

You need to go into the plugins page and find the flash player. You should see a blocked page section and an allowed page section.
Just click "add" next to the "allow" section and slip the URL into the box.
If for some reason you don't know what the URL is, here ya go! https://nomnomnami.itch.io/dress-treat

You may have to download an extension that allows you to get to the plugins page, but you should be able to reach The flash settings through the settings panel too! Just type flash into the search bar at the top of the settings page and the yellow text box with the word "FLASH" should stick out like a sore thumb.

Press the option that it's linked to and the next page should have an option that is highlighted yellow. Click it and hey presto! Just slip the URL into the correct location.

And there you go! You can now play Dress Treat in the Chrome browser! No more fiddling with Internet explorer! HISS BITE HISS!

Have fun! =D

This is what happens when I have to entertain myself.

What am I doing with my life?
...Having more fun than I was expecting!
P.S. I got it working in Chrome! It just takes some effort.

I'ma give instructions in reply.

I have all of the Lonely Wolf Treat games.
Maybe it's about time I play them.
But tomorrow.
It's 1:59am now.
I should sleep.
Treat needs to sleep too with the sh*t that's happening to her.

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Would play, but it doesn't start.

Error: spawn EACCES

There ya go buddy!

P.S. attempting to open game from Itch client.

Oh my god!
This game is gorgeous!

There is nothing about this game that wasn't gorgeous!
The game play was excellent!
The game looked beautiful!
The music and sounds helped immerse me into the world!
The story was simple, but with a couple of nice things that no one would've been able to guess.

I also didn't run into any bugs at all.

I rate this game a 5/5!

This game deserves it!

*After the game was published

whatever. I was first to the youtube video. You take your prize.

BUT I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to stop spamming in all caps.