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very powerful

Super cute!

super different really enjoyed it

super cute! I wish I could've played on Halloween :((( maybe next year!

really interesting and different

this was so cute!

I could't play all the way through. Every time I would crouch I fell through the floor.

this was fun and cute! I sucked at it though xD

This was not what I expected but I really enjoyed it! I was kinda sad that it was so short lol

I cannot wait for the full version! so excited!

thank you for explaining that cleared some things up for me :)

super cute! kinda confusing lol

im so excited to finish playing!

nice message

i liked it!

that poor doggo was a good doggo

so sad! but so good!

scared me! xD

this is such a cute game!

Yasss it was so cute! You did a great job :)

Ugh! I love this so much!

I loved this so much!!

Mahou Go demo community · Created a new topic CUTE!

I think this game has serious potential

excited for this game's future development!


super cute!

this was a touching game

super cute!

cute! just wish there was more to do

I named mine cicolas

what did henry do? I need to know!



super fun!

super fun!

super cute!

Trauma community · Created a new topic CUTE!

enjoyed playing

i sucked but it was still fun xD

very different xD