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- Bug Fixes

- 6 Worlds

- 5 Bossfights

- Cutscenes

- Full Hard Mode

- 2-4 Player Local Co-op Mode

- 12 Character Cast (+ additional secret bonus characters!)

- 12 Character Cast

- 21 Achievements

- Lots of FUN and COOL easter eggs

- Versus Mode + Online (Coming Soon)

- obligatory and more...

Thanks for checking it out! The full game was actually released over on Steam: Save 15% on ALIEN XENOBLASTER on Steam (

Patching an update soon to fix that : )

yep! everything was within the time constraint. we couldn’t add everything we wanted but that’s 3 hours for ya. and thank you SO much!

thanks a ton man!

thank you!

character model and animation is cute but the gameplay is really lackluster, same w the music too

hai :3 ok this game was made in 3 hours for a game jam, this should b obvious considering the placeholder graphics and SLOPPNIESS.......anyway we're planning on making it into a full little game so check out its progress on DISCORD!!!!!!!!!!

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check out the game's full page for controls, story, gameplay explanation, and even a discord server as we might make it into a full game. we had so much fun with this week's tri-jam, and was our first one too!

Art is baller, seems well programmed, but the music seriously drops the game to its knees. It's just unenjoyable, feels like something quickly put together in FL Studio or something. Besides sound, this is definitely worth a play.

Hi there! It's for both GameMaker Studio 1 AND 2. : )

Hey! Thanks for reaching out :) it looks like you need to update your Gamemaker version to 2.3 or above. Do you happen to be using a cracked version of Gamemaker? You should also be able to download the 1.4 source, then import it to Gamemaker. Let me know if there's any other issues after trying these solutions, and thanks for downloading!

Dang! I didn't even know it was set to private, thank you for reaching out! The video should be good to go now. If you've got any more questions after watching the video, feel free to ask and I'll be here :)

thank you <3

thanks!! yeah i had a few friends report that bug,  apologies about htat haha

thanks so much! im really glad you like the art style, and ill keep that in mind :)

kiss me

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I'm now noticing that I had a slight error. in one of the lines to advance to the next room, i put a 5 instead of 7, causing the game to be completely endless. im not sure if i can edit this submission to fix this number. if i cant, i apologize but the ending isnt available. ill record a lets play later today. (bossfight isnt accessible because of this ;((()

haha thanks! yeah i shouldve nerfed easy mode a tad lol

Very difficult, but fun! References to your other jams are always fun haha.