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Melvin Ng

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Thanks for the help given!

Hi CoopGod, thanks for playing! Mini Pets is also available in Google Play Store for download!

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Hi @MyAppFree, I accidentally removed one of my submissions - iLoop, from the game jam. It was an accident, I was wondering if it's still possible for me to re-submit my submission...

Hope I will be able to resubmit my submission for the game jam. It has already been rated by 3 players in the ice-cream jam already. To add on, there was previously a total of 44 submissions for this game jam, with my accidental deletion, it has been reduced to 43 submissions.

Awaiting a positive reply on this. Thanks

Hi thanks for playing the game! Good luck for your game in the jam :)!

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Thanks for playing my game!

Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks for playing the game!

Hi, thanks for playing the game! Good luck for your game in this game jam!

Haha it's ok! Thanks for playing my game! Good luck for yours too :)

thanks for playing

thanks for playing

Hi there! Thanks for trying my game. It is also available on Google Play Store, hope you can download or introduce your friends/family to download as well :) Appreciate the kind support given!

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Thanks for playing the game! If you would like to download it on your mobile,  you can download it at

Hello, this is my second game created 🙂

Google Play Store Link: link:

Kindly download and review my game, thanks 🙂! Mini Pets is a digital pet game where you raise a virtual pet by feeding it, playing with it, and cleaning it every 8 hours.

As you feed, play or clean your pet, it will gain levels. Upon hitting certain levels/milestones, it will evolve and change color. Will you be the lucky one to unlock the SUPER RARE secret pet?