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Kind of dissapointed tbh. As soon as I finish the tutorial,  Jamu immediately starts ragging on me and it doesn't change, even when I upgrade everything and have tons of food stocked. I even try giving gifts and talking with the villagers, yet they get pissy right away. Am I doing something wrong? Them yelling at me every couple of seconds and having them throw stuff around is troubling.

Edit: Works now (lol)! Really cute, and fun!

love this! can't wait until the game is fully released!

Honestly, from far away it looked like you play as that Ugandan knuckles meme fml

My computer won't let the .exe file run. It use to, but it suddenly stopped and I do not know why.  Can anyone help me?

I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this, but maybe a shark trap? Just so that the sharks would stop attacking the raft. The bait would have to be replaced every time you catch a shark and that the shark has a 30% chance of escaping and breaking the trap, just to keep it from being op, but it would be awesome if it I didn't have to drop what I'm doing just to take care of a pesky shark.

So... A Nintendo copyright strike? Or was it from Hello Games?


First of all, I unzipped the folder then opened up the game. A pop-up came up telling me I was missing something. Another pop-up in the bottom corner came up saying something was deleted and i just restored it by clicking on "details" then "restore". Both buttons should be near the bottom. I have norton security, so it might be different for you. I hope this was helpful.

My security informed me of the deletion. If a pop-up comes up, it should be easy to restore it. I dismissed it at first because the .exe file was still there. If you unzip the file and run it without any pop-ups, I'm not sure what to say. Maybe you need to use a different version of the download? Sorry about getting to you so late, I binge played the game.

Turns out it was my security deleting a file behind my back. I managed to restore it and successfully launch the game!

I downloaded the file for windows and it won't let me play. Even after I extract the files, a pop-up said the file was missing. I'm not sure what to do (it might just be my computer) but if anyone could help me, that would be great.