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NNNAARRRGG!! Me think not bad for first animate. Me think legs look too still and need bend knees. Why big slam monster so thin? Need eat more and work out for big muscles.

Why no try  replacing it with your own art? Doesn't have to be perfect. Mabe better than not releasing at all.

Or if you are lucky you'll find sth that fits at opengameart with a CC0 licence.

A new version is up!

Small performance increase. (More to come)

Added another zoom camera which zooms in even further.
I'm thinking of having the mouse scroll-wheel control the camera. Not sure yet.

Ash doesn't float anymore, and can fall at a higher speed.

You can change the wall colour in the first room by clicking on the left side of the screen. (beige, red, blue, green, grey)

Gorgeous! This reminded me how I used to make fires as a kid, and made me also develop my own fire game. It's called Wood Fire and it's more of a simulation. It's still under development, but you can already play it.

I added a link to Pixel Fireplace on my page. :)

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Increased performance of the game.

Close up camera mode with slightly slower time progression. (Move mouse down)

A new version has been uploaded.

More ash again.

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Improved the ash and glowing coals. Looks way hotter now.

Slippery floor?

Marks/tracks/stains where poo has walked.

Flies, maggots.

Cool effect! It works well.


Were you playing the HTML5 version? Because the downloadable version is much smoother. (Made using Gamemakers native YoYo Compiler)

I'll see if I can find ways to speed it up. Or maybe I'll have to make it download only.

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You can now play the game here at itch.io!

Added sound effects!

Gameplay was good, not all too special though. The menus were a bit "dry" maybe add pictures of the spaceships/engines/weapons. The weapon name "Yellow Blaster" is easy to understand, but could be pepped up a bit with a cooler name. I like the menu music, but I find the in-game rock music unfitting. Hope this helps!

Maybe if you have the time you could critique my project "Catacomb Chess".

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I love the plasma thrower, and how you can push enemys into stars. :]

I need to try this out, and give some feedback.

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Improved smoke. Glowing coal scatters more.

New background "Fireplace":

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What did you have for breakfast today?

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"In the woods" background ... work in progress.

Evolution!? Wow, I'd love to see that.

itch.io community » Game Development · Created a new topic Wood Fire
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I love making a camp fire in the woods, so I thought why not create some digital firewood.


Download (0.2)
Left click to drop a log of wood.
Kick back and watch it burn.

When touched by glowing coals or flames:
wet wood (green) turns to dry wood and creates smoke, vapor
dry wood (brown) turns to charcoal releasing gas which ignites and creates flames
charcoal (black) turns into more glowing coal and then to ash (white)

Itch.io release will happen soon when the project is more ripe.

Love the idea, and the graphics too.

Nice! Interested in seeing this grow. I made a very similar game called "Botanical Box". I was thinking of refining Botanical Box as a new version with trees, but I guess I don't have to anymore :D. I also wanted to add different climates like you did but never got to it. I like the idea with sap as energy and that it is stored in the roots. Any plans on different tree types?

Those goblin drawings are super nice!

I'd rather play as those funny goblins though, not that perfect dude with little character.

Anyways, keep it coming!

itch.io community » General · Created a new topic The Caribbean Sail

I recommend this fun little sea adventure:


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I really like the snow one. The stop sign looks a bit like it's been blurred, breaking pixel art rules, but I could be wrong (I'm no expert). Overall a nice calm look you got going on there. Yeah it seems you are bending the rules a bit especially with the the backgrounds, but rules are meant to be broken sometimes. :)

Here's something I did a long time ago:

Also: Adding traditional music in the background would make the game +50% better instantly!

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Oh sorry, mea culpa. It didn't load the first time.

I like the skulls the most, and the food looks delicious. There was some text in the beginning which was a bit small making it hard to read. Although the game is is not very game-y (no challenge) it like how educational it is.

No I don't think there is a way. But there are popular games which are based only on luck for example slot machines.

There is no game file to download and no screenshots to see. All there is is a text telling people to create something and share it on twitter. Highly misleading. Where is the game you are working on?

Posted in eiland comments

Super nice! Seems like you used the short development time perfectly.

I like games where you play as an animal. Interested to see where this will be going in the future.

Looks cool! I esp like the shadows under the objects.

Flying Dutchman, Miss Puff?

This is like the grandson of Redneck Rampage. Cool game!

Nice work on the colours.

I really like the setting/story, and am interested what the game will look like.

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I'm tired of this left-right categorization. There are far more forms of politics.

The word conservative means that everything should stay the way it is, which is a bit silly in our ever changing universe.

I think game development and politics are two very different things and shouldn't influence each other. One is entertainment, while the other is very serious. Although there are also a few political games with a message which are an exception.

Of course there is space at the table for conservative game devs. I think most game devs are open minded enough to accept different ideologies.

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I think the characters are too skinny, which makes it harder to see what is going on gameplay wise. Also that the limbs are not attached to each other makes things hard to recognize. If leg parts looked significantly different than arm parts the player would have a better scope on the happenings. Lower and upper arm parts could look different too, less like a box. Have you experimented with this?

Otherwise I like it.

Will there be knock downs? What about blunt weapons like a bat or nunchucks?

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The game is way more juicy now with cool sound effects, and colorful chess piece skins.

A new test version has been uploaded with a random level generator.

You change the colour of your chess pieces in the options screen. Press "B" in-game to switch the chess board style.

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Working on a chess-ish game with dungeon monsters called Catacomb Chess. Currently working on colour themes:

Hi I like the monochrome setting. Will it be like that in-game? It fits her emotions.

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Chess piece colour will also influence hand and UI colours:

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Funky colours in the making: