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I'm tired of this left-right categorization. There are far more forms of politics.

The word conservative means that everything should stay the way it is, which is a bit silly in our ever changing universe.

I think game development and politics are two very different things and shouldn't influence each other. One is entertainment, while the other is very serious. Although there are also a few political games with a message which are an exception.

Of course there is space at the table for conservative game devs. I think most game devs are open minded enough to accept different ideologies.

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I think the characters are too skinny, which makes it harder to see what is going on gameplay wise. Also that the limbs are not attached to each other makes things hard to recognize. If leg parts looked significantly different than arm parts the player would have a better scope on the happenings. Lower and upper arm parts could look different too, less like a box. Have you experimented with this?

Otherwise I like it.

Will there be knock downs? What about blunt weapons like a bat or nunchucks?

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The game is way more juicy now with cool sound effects, and colorful chess piece skins.

A new test version has been uploaded with a random level generator.

You change the colour of your chess pieces in the options screen. Press "B" in-game to switch the chess board style.

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Working on a chess-ish game with dungeon monsters called Catacomb Chess. Currently working on colour themes:

Hi I like the monochrome setting. Will it be like that in-game? It fits her emotions.

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Chess piece colour will also influence hand and UI colours:

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Funky colours in the making:

It would be the first video of my games by someone other than me. Very cool!

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Yeah!! Your itch.io page looks so much better now.

More screenshots please.

Flex Armstrong is an iron pumping hyper hero who fulfills the requirements with ease.

pew!!! pew!!! pew!!!

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I refined the ghost sprite. Looks more creepy now.

I've also been polishing the flames in the main menu room.

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Here is a gameplay video of the first half of the campaign:

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Have been making decoration for the 3/4 of levels which are done. Still need menu buttons.

Also made a random room (random monsters and pieces):

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Working on the main menu:

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I have 20 levels now. 32 are planned. And maybe an alternative game mode with random pieces.

Spiders are now yellow:

Nice art! Game looks cool too. Definitely checking this out.

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All monsters are in and working now:

Goblin. Moves 45px (=1 square) towards king.

Eye monster. Moves 80px towards king.

Ghost. Teleports to random location, or move 60px towards king.

Mammoth spider. Moves 60px in random direction, or 60px towards king.

Giant slug. Moves 45px towards king. Creates two smaller slugs when destroyed.

Dragon. Moves 45px left or right or up or down, then shoots a fireball.

Time to make levels and menus.

Cool! It's like my favorite part of Sim City concentrated to a game.

Also; Open a window, stick you head out, yell about your game. ;)

Posted in Sharky comments
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I like how the shark bites into walls.

I'd put the explanation how to get out of the water in the game.

What is that following the shark?

I found it way too easy, no challenge. For the 1st level I guess it's okay.

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New monster type: spiders
Speedy and unpredictable.

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Looks quite cool! I would try this out if there was a demo.

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Goblins move straight towards your king slowly.

Eye monsters move straigt towards your king quickly.

Dragons move (left/right/up/down) or (left/right to king), then shoot a fireball.

Skeletons .. not in yet.

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A chess-like game where you fight against dungeon monsters.

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1. For sure!

2. Post the review in the forum, and post links in all your social media accounts. Write a note with link to the review in the game comment section.

The only game of mine which would qualifiy is Optical Ball

Hello Mr. Zettlemoyer!

Feel free to review these games of mine:

Flex Armstrong - Iron pumping hyper hero

Vector Sector - Smash the space bar like a lunatic

Botanical Box - You are a plant. Grow tall and reach full Bloom

Navpoint Alpha - Pilot a mech through an interplanetary war

Hi Grab Shiny!

Feel free to review these games of mine:

Flex Armstrong - Iron pumping hyper hero

Navpoint Alpha - Pilot a mech through an interplanetary war

Botanical Box - You are a plant. Grow tall and reach full bloom

Hello Gamingwiz13!

Feel free to review these games of mine:

Flex Armstrong - Iron pumping hyper hero

Navpoint Alpha - Pilot a mech through an interplanetary war

Botanical Box - You are a plant. Grow tall and reach full bloom

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Hello fellow humans. I made a game where you play as a plant, collecting sunshine and growing high towards the sky to flower. There is also a gardener aspect of the game where you thow and plant seeds.


(Botanical Box was made in Gamemaker Studio in my free time in the last 9 months.)

Nice little game. Beautiful art!


I can't imagine 400,000 purchases being possible currentlyat itch.io. It would have to be a killer game to do so.

Good luck!

When do you consider a game successful?

Left one.

I loved all of it! :]

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Lovely game!

When entering initials for the highscore X doesn't work only Z. I'm using QWERTZ keyboard, so it's a bit annoying. But I guess you have to press Z afterwards anyway.

Looks cool, somehow reminds me of Unirally.

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It seemed nobody was making a single-player mech sim anytime soon, so I thought I'd have a go. I'm a big fan of the Mechwarrior games on the PC. (played Mechwarrior1,2,3,4 and MWLL. MWO only a few hours) I was inspired by the satellite view in Mechwarrior2 when I started making this game.