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Pilot spacecraft through levels containing asteroids, acceleration-fields, teleporters, hyper boost pickups, and who knows what else.
Have a go and tell me what you think!


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Playing around with colours and getting used to FireAlpaca.

I like the clean look, and find the walking quite funny.

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Cool. Maybe the face would make a good GIF to show off that little feature.

The plants are looking nice n' juicy too. I like it.

Nice! Also looks a lot greener than the previous screenshots :]

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Nice try, but the rubber underwear is staying on.

Nice map. The muted colors are alot better too. I recommend also darkening the green in the title screen so it looks more like night time.

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Yeah the floating wood bugs me too. I wish I knew how to fix it. Every wood pixel is a separate object. If they had gravity the wood would fall apart like sand.

Thanks for the reply. Good to know what others think. Yes this is more of an inactive media which runs in the background while you read a book, think about stuff, or just relax. You can choose your favorite setting and there are a few things that are clickable indoors. I wanted to make something like Pixel Fireplace but free, with a higher resolution and especially with better simulation of the burning process. I was that thinking of adding a wood collecting and survival part to the game and that the player must start the fire manually. I may add that in the future.

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Put wood on the fire to keep it going. Stare into the flames as the wood burns away. CPU heat keeps you warm. Includes various seasons and fireplace decoration.


Cool! I want to try this out when I get back from my vacation.

I love the look of the itch.io icon. Especially the blue space background.

The special effects are really well done. Too bad I have a MIcrosoft Phone

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Buildings and and environment look stunning. Keeping an eye on this. When I come home from my vacation I'd like to try it out.

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Replaced the painting in the green room.
Christmas painting look nicer now too.
You can zoom even further in now.
Also many various finishing touches.

Game is finished!
Download Digital Firewood!

Huge performance boost.
Paintings for every room.
Turn the river on/off.
Menu finished.
Seems like I'm almost finished.

I wouldn't mind a link on my profile page.

I'd like people to see my game collections, but I don't like that they are displayed on the same page as my personal games. I'd prefer to have an extra page for uploaded games and game collections.

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Cute! The colours remind me of Commander Keen.

Stunning visuals, and the character is way cool!

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Keep it in but do not allow it to win anything?

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Does anyone know  what the white bar is (on Monday 11th). When I hover over it nothing appears.

Thanks in advance!

yeah I have way too little time to play currently. I just saw the name while browsing at work. There are hardly any replies at itch.io (I don't get any either) so don't worry.

Wow thanks for your story from behind the curtain. I like the FactoryCo idea, I didn't see that. I know you don't intend to "parasite" off of Factorio. Your game is clearly unique. Also Factorio will surely get some traffic from you too! Good game names are often hard to find.

Hi! Are you aware that your game name is almost identical to the popular and similar game Factorio? Because that could cause some friction.

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Added more details to the forest.
Needs another tree in the background.

That game name. I love it!

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I don't care what a game dev has between their legs. I like good games.

As a solo dev it's hard for me to imagine how one could be opressed.

The best way to deal with male-centric ("sexist"?) games is for girls/women to make own games how they like them.

You can't change the male-centric past where we come from, and you can't force instant equality. It takes some time for things to level out naturaly. Maybe a generation or two.

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I press "play" and "let's go". Then it tells me "game not started please select play" (IE11 (at work) and IE on WinPhone8.1)

Edit: I played the ZX Spectrum version now

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There are games that I have finished and am very proud of. Then there are some games which are work in progress, scrappy or otherwise lacking.

Maybe each user could have an own page like they do now plus a backstage page for game jams, WIP, and games that aren't as good as the others. I would find that to be way cool :]

DeviantArt has it too! ("scraps")

There are a few RC flight simulator games (free) on mobile which help me to relax.

I like to concentrate on my breathing when I have nothing to do, or when I have to do simple dumb work.  Also when I go jogging often get a little meditation going on. Currently I'm working on a game where you stare into the campfire.

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Forest with 4 season colours. Creating a menu bar. Automatic wood drop chillax mode in development.

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That small dab of orange somehow makes it look quite colorful. Nice style. Excellent presentation.

I find the shooting out of the mouth strange. Cool head shake though.

I'm looking forward to see where this is heading.


Looks and sounds excellent!

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Creating digital fire. It keeps you and your CPU warm.

NNNAARRRGG!! Me think not bad for first animate. Me think legs look too still and need bend knees. Why big slam monster so thin? Need eat more and work out for big muscles.

Why no try  replacing it with your own art? Doesn't have to be perfect. Mabe better than not releasing at all.

Or if you are lucky you'll find sth that fits at opengameart with a CC0 licence.

A new version is up!

Small performance increase. (More to come)

Added another zoom camera which zooms in even further.
I'm thinking of having the mouse scroll-wheel control the camera. Not sure yet.

Ash doesn't float anymore, and can fall at a higher speed.

You can change the wall colour in the first room by clicking on the left side of the screen. (beige, red, blue, green, grey)