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Fun to play i just don't know what the talisman does

will you ever add a multiplayer mode

this game is just charming. a full game would be really fun. i like how you decorated the environment and made you have a reason for collecting things

this game is really fun for people who would like a minecraft remake with the same idea. the materials and weapons are very similar and the gameplay is good enought o keep you playing until you win. the only thing that people would like is if you could save your progress when you die and respawn. maybe you coulde add something to get extra lifes so you dont lose all your progress. overall its very fun. 9/10 because of the save feature

please see if you could make a vr game of this it would be INCREDIBLE

a good idea that could be really well known

i think adding bots would be a nice way to play on your own or for training

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great idea and well made 10/10 a cool little detail could be that when you shoot a dead body and it explodes it heals you a little