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There are so many more ratings the there are people who submitted

thank you for that. I do plan on adding those things

Thank you

thank you for being kind and yes I'll check out your game

Thank you for your ideas and kindness. I will check out your game

oh I've already rated your game

it's a good game

What game did you submit

This is my game

can you post the link to your game

i gave your game a rating


I rated it fairly:)

It's a fun game 

i also rated it.

post your game link so i can play it

Thank you :)

do you mean you didn't submit your game in time

I know what you mean. I voted for a lot too but only have 2 votes.

I rated your game:)

i rated your game!

i rated your game!

your game is really cool!

what is your game

your game is funn

this as a fun game

as of 9-25-20 Josh has some issues. I'm working on it though

What is your game

 My game House keeper needs some votes.

submission to 

VimJam: Collectables (8 Bits to Infinity)

Does your games need more votes. Then you've come to the right place. put your game link below for other to check out.

WarBand: Merge  needs votes. Cleaning time! needs votes.Crossing Memories needs votes...

23 seconds before the dead line wow!

Lights out needs votes. Starstruck needs votes...

Josh rotating i;m working on that :) your opinion is good and i will try that

They ran back needs votes . A walk on the beach needs votes...

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Have you been waiting for votes or just have none or are you looking to vote more well you've came to the right place

I tried with the time i had

The assets are good.

This game is fun!

The game is fun!

It's a work in progress