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Techincally and atmospherical masterpiece, 10/10. Legend has it, that Einstein smoked the cover Art while writing the bible

Jokes aside it's a funny game

As simple as it is, I really enjoyed it ^^

Would take the creepy atmosphere if you could just shoot the zombies down.

Thanks for making a video!

Hey, first of all; this game is overall great. It has stunning visuals, gets the atmosphere right and has a more than solid gameplay (even though the enemy movement makes it hard to aim at them). I have two suggestions for improvement: First, the camera movement has a very low sensitivity, which makes aiming and looking around in general quite hard and second is the darkness. I can see that it was added for the atmosphere, but most of the time I only noticed the enemy, when it was already hitting me, because I couldn't see further than 5 meters.
Overall a 9/10. Would love to see more games from you!

Absolutely stunning, it felt like Hideo Kojima finally completed his silent hill.

Thanks for making a video about my game!

Thanks and yeah I thought about adding some environment in an update later. The trees are also missing and I could maybe even try and recreate some of the sports...

Thanks and yes I‘m always interested in people making videos ;)

Glad you liked it.

Thanks i appreciate the feedback.

Thanks man, i greatly enjoyed your video!

Thank you, really good video, also liked the critism at the end.


Glad to hear :)

Thank you, it means a lot to me. Development on the next game starts today, but I can't and won't calculate how long it might take yet.

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Thanks and yesn't there isn't really a big story behind the vanishing, this is just  a short 20 mins game, I'd just say the earth got out of orbit and has moved further and further away from the sun.

Edit: This is scientfically impossible, unless the earth would get pushed by a giant force, but it's just a game

Glad you liked it and thanks for sharing, it means a lot to me ^^

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Great game, may it remind you of this special time forever. It's great how you are able to express your feelings through words and keep them forever inside this project. Maybe you will come back to this in some years and it will remind you. I had a very similar situation, met a girl in an online game. It wasn't like I was in love with her (I think), she was more like the sister I never had, we spent the whole summerbreak every night in our Minecraft survival world. Okay sudden rush of feelings and idk why I'm telling you this
Have a good day

Glad you liked it, means a lot to me. Well actually it isn't really a horror game, I used the Tag for the slightly creepy atmosphere and because many people look for games tagged horror.

Thank you.

Glad you liked it, bad that the RayCast Fix doesn't seem to work at all in the built Version.

Glad you liked it! The Ice parkour got fixed in the new update.

As I can tell by your video, you're playing on 1.0.1, just today I released the 1.0.2 that fixed this problem ;) Anyways, great video

Glad you liked it, I guess you mean, the RayCast that needs to be fixed (interacting with objects in a certain range from the camera), I'm working on it.

Thanks for making this video, it means a lot to me!

Thanks, great video btw! The Ice needs to be fixed and I need to fix it, that you can't interact with objects close to you.

Thanks a lot. I see, the Ice part is once again giving people difficulties... Need to fix that.

Hi, well first of all thanks for playing my game and making this video! I will fix the glitching inside the house bug as soon as possible. Also the world might get more detailed in future updates and yes the parkour over the ice part already gave me a headache during development. I think best would be to redesign it from the beginning.

Now that you mention it, I thought about a system with multiple dreams in the beginning, but time was really short in the game jam. Anyways, if you enjoyed this game, please consider checking out my newest game "Suffers"
Please note: The game will be openly available in an hour (5pm CET)
You can try it out earlier with the following password : HgFg1224h1

Well thank‘s for making this entertaining video. As mentioned in the games description it was made for a game Jam, which means, I had a limited time frame. I‘m totally aware that it needs a lot of polishing, but personally I would rather start a new game than fix this to become a real game with a decent length and better horror effects, because of the limited time frame, I rushed it so much that the coding became messy and I had to replace everything with the Voxel objects (Voxel; the „Minecraft-Artstyle“) last minute. In the end it might not have become the game I was aiming at, but I‘m happy I got something done.

Means a lot to me!

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Thank you.

Thank you for making this

Thank‘s for playing, as mentioned in the game‘s description, it was made for a game Jam in a limited time frame, that‘s why it isn‘t polished enough. Currently I’m working on a bigger project. Good video btw ;)

Sorry, I might come back to this in the future but first I need to finish another project.

Thanks for making this video!

Sure, the game was released just yesterday. And it's important for me to get to know the playerbase ^^

No problem, all that matters is that you had fun :D

Thank you for making a video, glad you liked it.