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Minotussy of mass destruction.

Drawing Black once was not enough.

Can't wait for this beautiful character to be added to the cast.

Well to be fair I think nothing that has happened in the story until this point would be particularly distressing directly to the MC himself, other than getting attacked by the Effigy, or his first encounter with Asterion. Everything else in between is fairly casual and non-threatening in comparision so I don't see a reason why we would see a negative side of the character. He's just very pragmatic and I actually kind of appreciate his level-headedness.

It's not that he had a different design, it's just that characters occasionally get redrawn because the old art was very low res and makes their sprites blurry (for example, Khenbish just got his sprites updated in the last patch). In Asterion's bashful expression he used to have a blush in the older version but in one of the redraws it was removed. The rest is essentially the same.

The only one I've seen so far have an actual design change was Kota, as he is very different in the new version.

Unstoppable force vs immovable object.

As someone else has mentioned I also tend to not really put myself in the shoes of the self-insert characters. I do think it's best if they remain somewhat ambiguous but well defined. I mentioned this before at some point but I think one of the things that can make an MC more of a self insert than a character is the way they are presented, which in a VN is basically their name (or if they are visible through customization, which is not the case for Minotaur Hotel). In this case, whenever the MC speaks, if they are shown with a name or with "You". Even if you can name him, it's more akin to naming the main character in an RPG or the like.

I like the characterization for the MC so far regardless, I can definitely tell he's a much more mature person than your typical FVN characters. I'm honestly very tired of teen drama and angst and this is a refreshing take on a MC. Someone who's had time to develop emotional maturity and is understanding of other's feelings and needs. Very much what I would hope an adult would act like.

If this is some of your first digital work you're got quite a promising future ahead. This is good stuff, keep going!

I just realized the typos in "Demented".
But in any case I think the idea is that they are gradually getting worse, with some ups and downs. And to be fair, Hermes' dementia episode is very clearly triggered by seeing specific characters.

Well Zeus certainly travelled a lot to get all those people pregnant lmao.

On another note, it's a very minor detail but after your talk with the old man you exit the cafeteria and there is only a single person in the station. We don't get any details about this person other than he smokes, Jean (Hermes) is also shown to smoke when meeting Luke. He also talks about the "old man" often. Not that it couldn't be the case, but I can pretty confidently say the old man is not Hermes. 

I think the whole idea at this point is that due to the lack of worship the gods are degrading slowly, some faster than others, but inevitably so. I think the idea is that Zeus is pretty out of it, and by chapter 18 Hermes is also a bit depented. The only god who probably won't have such issues is Hades, as we're told undeworld gods tend to have a lot of worshippers in their realms. 

Oh lmao didn't even think about that. What if the MC was actually a furry? 

Would he create a mythicsona?

Saw that post and I immediately got to work

PS; I probably should've made his fur a different color

Storm's secondary theme "Up there" is definitely my favorite. It helps that he also happens to be my favorite character, but I swear it's not related!

Themba's and Khenbish's themes are also incredibly catchy.

I can't believe I never made this connection.

You should probably play Hinterlands 3 a second time. Try to spend some time hanging out with Storm :)

AU where Black is based off of RGB colors instead and becomes a surfer dude named White, who is a reckless bunch of stupid personalities that combine into an accident about to happen.

The only way to free Asterion from the labyrinth is having him top you, but that will never happen because he's genetically engineered to bottom.

It is a bit more descriptive at the start of the game, they are trying to establish what the hotel's realm is like and how it works. It gets more character driven around chapter 10 and it picks up characters from there. 

I believe Asterion mentions that if the MC were to drink it, he'd get incredibly sick. Wether this is true or he's just saying it to keep the MC from drinking it because of something worse, is unclear.

Glad you dig it! I've been enjoying your stuff as well!

Storm is still my favorite character, but with the update Kenbish quickly rose to second place. So hey, 2+2...

Sorry apparently I was not done yet. I had some ideas.

He was emaciated from 80 years of starvation, but he does mention his original self was quite big, as proven by his healed appearance. He's also brown when you meet him. You can keep him brown if you want to customize him, but his original color is white.

I haven't been able to think about anything else since he came into my life. It's that damned smile.

The hinterlands are narrated by P (expect hinterlands 4). 

Kinda wish he did ngl!

Unless you have that very specific fetish, I would say most people would find drinking human milk as adults pretty weird. You could think of it like that.

The way Kota just scoots to the left afterwards.

Legitimately the most insane burn I've seen coming from this game and it's fantastic.

Thank you for playing! Tower defense isn't a genre I would usually do, but it lend itself well with the theme!

Thank you! Ironically I'm not that into tower defense either but the idea of being the weapon lend itself fairly well into it. Thanks for playing it!

Thank you!

Controlling the direction of the weapon fire is the entire point of the game! Maybe I hadn't explained it better. If you click on a turret you'll go into "aim mode" for that turret, which will aim at wherever you drag the cursor to. You have to hold down the button though, maybe that part wasn't clear.

More of an interactive story than a game, though interesting nonetheless.

Already told you this on discord but for whoever else might try the game. The mortar missile is meant to counter shields, since it goes through them and damages everything in the area.