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Hey, thanks, glad you got something out of it.

Aaaw, that warms my tiny crumpled heart.

Done. Dont know if it actually works, but done.

Sorry not sorry.

I got ideas for nice casual games as well for the future.

I saw trap quest and IWTBTG and I was like "I wanna make one of those!"

Its cool! Simple and functional. I only discovered how the out of control section worked by pure accidenct. I thought my game window turned unresponsive so I clicked on it to regain control only to accidentally swat a red dot away.

Interesting concept for a puzzler, the biggest problem I had was just figuring out the rules for the games. If you coudl have visualized how things moved around I think it would have been easied to get into.

I think I would have like to see some simpler levels that have a more narrow focus on only a few objects, avoid of trees on the sides getting mixed in.

What an absolute brain bender. I almost feel bad for quitting over the chase level. it was just too steep of a curve for me after awkwardly managing my way through platforming. I think that challenge would have come through even if it only featured simple platforming. Overall, a pretty solid experience, other have done this concept, but I think you made it work well.

I think having an austronaut as a characeter worked well. They are no stranger to dealing unusual challenges and circumstances by staying calm and think their way through.

This is a take on the theme I have seen a few times already, but I really aprechiate the preview of the weapon you are going to get a while before, lets you strategize around the change rather than being left completely left in the mercy of the dice. I think if you tightened up the paltforming a bit, you could turn this into a solid little game.

I don't really see how this playes into the theme, but making a functional pinball game in this timeframe could not have be easy, and the music is pretty solid to boot.

Awesome, thanks for the comment. There actually already is some RNG being tiped in your favour as well as some adaptive difficulty to keep you in the game, but I could only cram in so many in this silly little jam project.

Great fun, but it just moves way to fast for me. If the corners of the screen just were not so close I think I could get into it much more.

Ouch, my finger hurts from pressing LMB a million times. Doesn't really do anything new in relation to the theme, but it was pretty a pretty solid shooter.

Cool concept, but I feel like there was so many times a blob just appears behind you, and you physically cannot rotate fast enough to take them out before taking damage. I liked the visual design tho, everything was distinct and yes pleasant to look at.

That was fun, I need more of this!

Had fun, took a while ot figure out but that is a okay, because you could figure it out! My only grip was that the camera was a bit to claustrpphobic for me, not being able to pitch it up and down.

Took me a while before I even figured you could click on things to interact with them, and thats how you moved the game forward. I will say tho, I can identify with that sphere at some level, Ive had periods of anxiety in my life and its not great.

I had fun actually. Some audiowould have been good, even if just some simple SFXR sound effects. It ramped up in diffucitly just right and got quite hecktic towards the end.

oof, missing a dll. I feel your pain here.


This hits way to close to home. Good job, take your damn upvote and begone!

I have not tested that out yet.

You should be fine with anything capable of running windows 7 or later. It's not very demanding.

Fun detected, deploy patch.

Thank you for the thoughtful and helpful feedback, I just want to point out that.

You can cancel attacks when you hit with them. You're only commited to the full recovery on a miss. This is to encourage measured agression and punish just flailing. It does introduce a learning curve, but I think it makes it more satisfying when you get into it.

You reached the ending‽