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Game on then.

Man I hate to break it to you but if you search YouTube, a Russian man beat this game back in Sept 2018 in a 9 hour long video with no cheats!!! I honestly don't believe it and I really don't have time to watch a 9 hour gameplay video so idk... maybe that's why shortly before the domain went down for the website the contest info was removed....

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This is my let's play of the first level of the game, more to come!

(Not in order sorry) 

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Here are some more of my attempts:

Note: Bit of a sound issue I'm trying to hash out so future videos won't be effected, just turn the volume up until you hear the game/my voice. Sorry for the inconvenience, enjoy!
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Cool game, I played the demo and purchased it too. I noticed the official website is gone and the contest to beat this game has been axed. Why? What happened and what do you suppose you will do when someone finally does win??