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Oh yeah. Forgot to mention it's on a PC with Windows 10

Heya Kirb! Firstly, the game looks, and the demo is great! Totally backing this. May have encountered a bug though. On the last boss fight, accidentally opened up the settings menu right as the cutscene ended, and could hear it close on the fade to black (intentional close).

Right after the in-battle cutscene, when the first turn started, there was no longer a display for the action options, and the turn did not progress after the timer reached zero, essentially a soft-lock. Not sure if there is a place for this, but thought it would be good to mention here.

Again, (likely, since the battle was only attempted once) steps to reproduce:

1. Begin Rockoon Cutscene
2. Open settings menu with Esc (was done near the end of the cutscene)
3. Close the menu during the fade to black (can hear the sound of it closing for reference)

Expected Result --
In-battle cutscene proceeds, and then the battle occurs as normal

Actual Result --
After in-battle cutscene, the first character (in this case, Flamegirl) is unable to make a movement, and the movement options screen does not appear. Once the timer reaches 0, instead of moving to the next player, the timer remains and results in a 'lock'

This may also just be my own computer borking. But better safe than sorry. Best of luck with everything!