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This game was pretty fun.

The art and music were absolutely great (Especially the Background Art).

I think you could add more feedback for the typing effect when it completes succesfully the name or for the enemies when the reaper kills them. 

It would also be pretty cool if there was some death animation to the enemies, or maybe they turn into a ghost and the reaper collects them whenever you score a point(just an idea).

But overall this game was amazing and really fun to play.

Good Job and good luck at the Indieapocalypse Jam!


I'm constantly trying to improve my art skills, but I never know if I'm getting good at it or not >.<

I think you are referring to the background sometimes having a strange warping effect on it's loop, but I don't know about this problem where the camera had a close up effect on the scene yet.

Thanks for your feedback though, I really appreciate it!

Wow... I'm speechless. I loved every single second of this game.

The atmosphere that this game brings to the Player is astounding and with the simple, yet beautiful visuals and 3D models, made this possibly one of the best games on this entire jam.

It just made me feel really good and peaceful with myself playing this and this was by far the best part about this game, in my opinion.

Congratulations to you guys, keep making more games!

Loved the Main Mechanic and the presentation of the game.  Pretty Cool

Very interesting submission for the jam

Absolutely loved this game.

The use of the limitation was pretty neat and the mechanics we're incredibly fun.

Although I think the game is a little bit to easy, since there was no limitation to the draining power, it was still a really fun experience and that's what matters.

This is one of the best games that I played so far on this MiniJam.

The visuals are simply beautiful. The game has a smooth and really "feel good" mechanic to it.

Kinda reminded me of Celeste, but honestly, one of the best experiences I've had.

Amazing job!

Loved the overall aesthethics and mechanics of the game

Amazing Game!

I loved how the way we are able to understand the core Mechanics from playing the game itself without giving too much information.

Also the effect of the skeleton's body reattaching to the head after the throw was awesome.

There is actually a volume slider at the Options on the Pause Menu. 

Maybe I should've putted a instruction in the controls that you can Pause the game, because it really isn't clear enough that you can pause it.

Thank you for playing my game and for the feedback aswell!

Yeah, I noticed it.

Need to learn how to improve and polish my Scrolling code more >.<

Appreciate the feedback though. Thanks!

This is by far the best game I've played in this jam by now.

Hands down, perfect.

Congratulations on the amazing entry!!

This was an incredibly charming and fun experience.

The use of the limitation of the theme was great, and the mechanics we're really sweet.

Also, the Voice Acting was amazing and the best part about the game, by far.


Although pretty hard, it's also incredibly enjoyable. 

Loved the simplicity and the mechanics of "Pressing F to pay respects".

A really nice and clever use of the limitation of the Jam.

Well done!

Amazing Chaotic Game!

Once you get used to the wonky controls, it becomes a great experience and I absolutely loved that!

Good job.

Amazing game!

Pretty addictive

Interesting game and great use of the theme. Well done!

Awesome Game! My only complaint about this game  is that the enemies sometimes spawn too close to the Player (especially the Melee ones), making it a little bit unfair to play.

But other than that, this is a fantastic and really well done arcade shooter experience with amazing graphics and music. Easily, one of my favorite games from this Jam. Great Job!!

Amazing game!! 

Loved the unique mechanics and aesthetic of it, and I also became kinda addicted playing this one. Really fun. much appreciated

This was a pretty fun and solid game for me and is one the best uses of the Chaos theme I've seen so far.

Glad you enjoyed it!!

Our artist really did a fantastic job

I enjoyed the game but there was one glitch that happened to me that when I rotated a tile and the ball was in the direction of it, the ball clipped right through it and disappeared, however It didn't disrupt the whole mechanic of the game but just letting you know about this.

Incredible aesthetic and use of the theme.

I also loved that the music is played by the player himself and it creates a pleasant mood that, even with the chaotic controls, still manages to create a fantastic experience.

Absolutely loved this game, one of my favorites so far.

Well done, keep making games!!

I really loved the A.I of the enemies and the music.

Amazing game!! Congratulations

Really fun game!!

The chaotic use of the amount of asteroids on the screen was also incredibly nice 

Pretty simple but really fun! 

I especially loved the sound design, especially the sound of the shotgun shooting. Nice job!

I loved the gameplay mechanics, although I thought the difficulty early on was a little too hard, considering how the tutorial showed the basics in a easy way to understand, with easy obstacles and easy enemies to avoid , but on the next stage the difficulty of the game increased significantly and it kinda became a trial and error experience, for me at least.

But overall, it was still pretty fun! Loved the parallax effect and the artstyle, and the mechanics themselves are really neat. Congratulations!

Thank you for the feedback!

We tried to implement it but we ran into some problems unfortunately

The aesthetics are charming and the game feels really nice to play. Congratulations!

Loved the concept and the Gameplay! Really well done